First Friday in London

I thought about posting about London thematically, but it made my brain hurt, so I’m just going to bang through a load of stuff we did and try to post links. If anyone wants any more information I am more than happy to oblige.

We arrived mid afternoon on Friday, and after unpacking we went up into Muswell Hill to buy some groceries and get some dinner. We did Muswell Hill briefly on our last trip but it was nice to have a proper nose about. I like it. It reminds me, much like Highgate, of a seaside town. Always has. I don’t know why, but there you go. The views of London from Muswell Hill are spectacular, and it’s well worth going just for that. There are also heaps of places to eat, and if, like me, you are a charity shop fanatic, there are about seven of them littered about. I managed to find a Fifties style, red polka dot halter neck dress with skulls on the pockets for £18. I was most impressed, given that I had seen a similar one in Whitstable at nearly £150. Happy bunny.

It was late on in the afternoon and Feast, which we had decided to eat at, was just closing. We ended up in somewhere called Fasta, which is a mix and match pasta restaurant. You pick one of eleventy types of pasta, ditto sauces, and sides if you want, so you can create your own Italian food based fantasy. I was rather unsure, but everyone else was very enthusiastic, so I allowed myself to be swayed. As it turned out, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I had mushroom stuffed tortelloni with olive oil, chilli and pepper. I had mozzarella on it because I could, and a side order of garlic roasted gnocchi. I also had some killer coffee. It was all freshly cooked, you could taste all the flavours and it was not too complicated. Top marks.

After grocery shopping we treated the children to ice cream in Gelato Mio. It looked delicious.

In the evening we went the other way out of the house and walked to Jackson’s Lane Arts Centre where we were going to see Noel Fielding do his warm up shows for his national tour. I managed to get the last two tickets I needed as returns on the door, which was a great relief. We had a most fantastic time, despite lots of up tight grown ups giving us funny looks, and even loud comments, for allowing the children to see comedy with ‘swearing’ in it. Like they don’t hear swearing every day in school.

All in all a top start to our week.

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