It’s Not That Kind of Party

Uncle Robber will be forty on Wednesday.

We will be celebrating by watching The Great British Bake Off.

To be fair, we have already done the birthday celebrations. He jetted off for a week in Vegas last week, and coming home with crippling jet lag on Saturday, he met us all for lunch in a round the world buffet restaurant he had chosen, on Sunday.

We were expecting him to fall asleep in his pudding, but he soldiered on remarkably bravely for someone who should either have been asleep or attempting to eat a lightly boiled egg.

He is a trouper.

We had a marvellous time. We ate a lot, we laughed a lot, Oscar took nine thousand photos with the camera granny had given him. I ate twenty or so small puddings of my choice. It was a smorgasbord, without actually having smorgasbord.

Which is good, because I cannot abide pickled herring.

While we were there, there was a lady who did balloon modelling coming round to entertain the children. It was a kind of loss leader for her promoting her children’s party entertainer business. She was dressed as a sort of bubble gum pink Marilyn Monroe. Except that you don’t usually see pictures of Marilyn wearing a huge apron full of rubber balloons.

Would that you did.

Anyway, she approached our table, and made Oscar and Tallulah a balloon giraffe each, very competently. Oscar asked if he could take her picture, and she obligingly agreed. Then she asked if I would post them on Facebook and friend her so that she could basically make the most of the marketing to promote her business.

I applauded her chutzpah, but I don’t want to befriend a balloon modeller on Facebook I’m afraid. Although if you are in the Leicester area and you are looking for one, she was very good at what she did.

I took a photo of her with my phone. When I looked at it it made me snort.

I don’t think it’s the sort of promotional shot she was hoping for:


But it was too good not to share.

5 responses to “It’s Not That Kind of Party

  1. Oh dear…you are a mischief maker!

  2. Oh my, that’s quite a photo…

  3. Definitely a snort response.

  4. I did snort when I looked at it in the restaurant, which elicited odd looks from many people.

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