I am taking full advantage of a lull in proceedings to blog.

You’re my only hope Obi Wan, and all that.

This is the week the word MANIC was invented for.

So far today I have been to the bank, the petrol station, the post office, the library and the supermarket. I have finished buying Tallulah’s birthday presents ready for her birthday next week. I have bought my son glitter cheer leading pom pons because his class are doing cheer leading at the summer festival this year, which was going to be on Wednesday and which I had had to make elaborate plans to get to. It has now been moved to next Wednesday, which is infinitely better for me, and yet has still caused me to tear my hair out, because I had already torn my hair out making sure I could get to this Wednesday’s performance, and now I will have to unravel that bit of my week.

I have dropped Tallulah at her new school for her first induction day. She looked very, very small indeed, and my lip went a bit wobbly, which is odd, given that I waved her off to primary school with no qualms whatsoever. She assured me that she was only excited and not even a bit nervous. She marched in as if she owned the place and didn’t even give me a backwards glance. I am very glad, for she did look teeny weeny.

Like a newborn chick, as she used to say.

I am waiting for her to come home so that I can take her to her singing lesson, and then go and pick her brother up from granny’s house and take him to his swimming lesson, and then I may be able to come home and collapse. I have not been idle whilst waiting. I have hung out wet washing, folded dry washing and sorted it into piles, shouted at the cat, picked up four thousand stray items from the floor, none of which needed to be there, and plumped a few cushions.

I have also made two new Pinterest boards, as we are possibly having a new front door, and maybe doing something interesting with our French windows.

I have put in a grocery order for some ingredients so I can road test a new cookery book that Amazon Vine sent me called: The Natural Cook by Tom Hunt. It is full of things that make my mouth water – things like fattoush, baba ganoush, pho, risi e bisi, that kind of thing. The family will be in revolt by Sunday. I guarantee it. I on the other hand, will dine like a king.

Today may sound busy, but compared to the rest of the week, this is a mere bagatelle. I shall be in pieces by Sunday.

2 responses to “and…and…and…

  1. I really don’t know how you cope, well done!

  2. I drink a lot of coffee, and eat a lot of biscuits!

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