Some of the things

So much news, so little brain.


The cat is better. So much better she caught a sparrow this morning and released it behind the filing cabinet, leaving me to fish it out with the aid of a coat hanger and epic quantities of Dave Allen style swearing. I am still finding feathers.

Tilly’s birthday feast went very well and we managed to avoid the torrential rain, hail stones the size of small cars and other weather apocalypticness that was scheduled for Saturday. The cakes were much enjoyed. There isn’t much cake left, which is always a good sign.

Oscar is still poorly. He is now having antibiotics as we simply don’t know what else to do with him.

On top of all this he has two or three teeth erupting at the same time, hideously sore gums because of it, and a mouth full of ulcers from being so ill. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to take him to the dentist. It will make a change from the Dr.

We went to a lovely event in the local neighbourhood yesterday where 14 private houses turned themselves into gallery spaces to showcase the work of 21 local artists. It was brilliant if you are like me and nosey about art and other people’s houses. Yes I did buy two pictures. No, neither of them were for me. One was for Oscar, one was for Jason for father’s day. I will post pictures after father’s day.

I went back to Pilates this week, despite it nearly killing me last week. I was half asleep when I packed my bag and ended up taking two t shirts instead of one t shirt and one pair of leggings. I had to make an emergency dash to my mother’s house and borrow a pair of Tallulah’s pyjama bottoms to wear so that poor Rosella didn’t go blind at the sight of me exercising in my forty seventh best pair of pants.

Tilly and I made an epic spiced almond and pea pilaf on Saturday. Everybody loved it, which is unusual in our house. It will definitely be made again. Tonight, because I was late home with Tallulah after singing, Tilly made lamb curry, also universally enjoyed. Her cookery skills are coming on in leaps and bounds. Huzzah.

Tilly has a chemistry GCSE tomorrow. She is upstairs furiously revising, bless her. Physics on Thursday and then she is done for this year. It cannot come soon enough. Revising is getting in the way of her knitting.

Rik Mayall died. I am very sad about this. I do not often comment on celebrity deaths, because, well, because I don’t. But I am genuinely grieved by his passing. The Young Ones was the first television show I was allowed to watch which felt like comedy of my own, rather than the stuff I watched with my parents. Farewell Rik you utter, utter, utter, utter bastard.

2 responses to “Some of the things

  1. Two thoughts re Oscar’s illness. A. Glandular fever. B. Lyme disease. Neither likely but neither impossible. Might be worth mentioning them to the doctor if only to eliminate them.

    Like the sound of the pilaf. Chance of the recipe please?

    Hope Tilley’s science exams go OK.

  2. Recipe will be sent when I am less crap. xx

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