The best ones

The nicest days are the unexpected little oases in a sea of ordinariness. Not the days you pin all your hopes on. Not the days you plan for months and months and dream about excitedly.

Don’t get me wrong. Those days can be great, but quite often, in my experience, they do not live up to the hype.

The best days are the ones that creep up on you. The days you look back on and realise that you have been quietly happy all day.

The days for example when you get to sleep in, and wake utterly refreshed.

The days when your coffee tastes particularly toothsome in the morning.

The days when friends who you do business with come round to talk to you about business and you end up remembering why you were friends in the first place, and hours drift by. Business is done, but it is secondary to the pleasure of sharing your time with them.

The days when chores are ticked off, but are done without stress, or bother, and a certain amount of enjoyment.

The days when a late lunch spreads into the afternoon and you sit out in the sunshine, sharing food with your family and rediscovering what breaking bread with them actually means. You are not cooking, food is plentiful and delicious. There is no rush to be anywhere or do anything. Time passes and you share and savour what you have.

The days when you get home and your children are busy and happy and pleased to be with each other, and you and your husband sneak off for a siesta and it is GOOD.

The days when you get up and your finest adopted son comes round and hangs out with you for a few hours, talking and laughing and putting the world to rights, and the evening drifts by and it is still warm enough to sit outside. You open a bottle of wine, and drink it because it tastes splendid, not because you want to forget anything, or lose any inhibitions or because you hope life might be more fun. You drink it just because it is nice to drink a glass of something chilled and fizzy, sitting outside with the people you love.

The days when your children are a delight to spend time with and make you think you might just have made some good life choices after all.

The days when your husband looks at you with love, and you know you definitely did make good life choices after all.

The days when you are pretty sure that you are surrounded by great friends.

The days when your very expensive tortoise is still alive.

Those days. Those are the best ones.

2 responses to “The best ones

  1. This should have a million comments as it is LOVELY. 🙂

  2. Ah, bless you. xx

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