Wot news?

Oscar is still poorly, but improving as long as he lounges about like a young god, usually clad only in his pyjama bottoms, submitting to a little light feeding and the odd pat on the head. He is morphing into a sybarite.There will undoubtedly be hell to pay when he gets better and has forgotten how to walk/talk/feed himself.

I have given up attempting to make anything of this half term. All plans are now officially off and we are merely bobbing along with the tide waiting to see what will happen next. Hopefully it will involve cake, and possibly sweaters. It is freezing.

The weather continues spectacularly shite. The garden is shimmering and green, but it is not conducive to sitting out in unless you are wearing a wet suit and snorkel. The heating has gone back on. It is nearly June. Waily waily.

I am nearing the end of my Luther odyssey. I would be sad were it not for the fact that I have just realised season three of Episodes is currently airing on BBC2 and I can watch it on catch up. Frabjous day.

But still, Idris Elba, eh? *fans self violently*

I am reading The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles. Years ago, when I was madly in love with John Malkovich I sat through the film adaptation of The Sheltering Sky. I remember it being very doom laden and there being lots of staring out across dazzling heat scapes. John was not malevolent enough for me, and I was hugely dissatisfied with it. The book is similar. It is all meaningful glances and half spoken phrases, bitten off in an agony of self loathing and repentance, and the brooding menace of the desert. It is beautifully written, but I am three quarters of the way through it now, and not terribly wiser than I was when I set off. On the other hand, it is not The Da Vinci Code, and at the moment that is enough for me.

Nick Harkaway has a new book out called Tigerman. I am excited about this. Angelmaker was the best book I’ve read so far all year.

We all know that I am not at the cutting edge of cool, especially when it comes to music, where I usually have the taste of a gay man trapped in the body of a middle aged housewife. I have found myself slightly obsessed by a group called Clean Bandit recently though. Not my usual fare. They combine classical music and house music to interesting effect. I have gone so far as to pre order their album on Amazon. I know. If you’re curious I particularly like Mozart’s House, but their other things are just as good.

My friend Gina who runs the fabulously named Sexy Big Pants, is having a sale at the moment, with pairs discounted down to £10. They are excellent quality and do exactly what they say on the tin. There are lots of larger and smaller sizes available left in the sale. Please go and browse, and then buy.

Tilly now has a tortoise. It is called Tiberius. More of this in the next post.

3 responses to “Wot news?

  1. Is Tiberius going to boldly go where no tortoise has gone before?

  2. Yes! Exactly right! x

  3. Have fun with the tortoise. I feel the same way as you do about Dan Brown, I thought the Da Vinci code rubbish.

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