Well, I am a sadder person today.

It feels like the events of this weekend have somehow tainted everything I see and believe in, and have made me wish that I could scoop my children up in my arms and take them somewhere where none of this is really happening.

I was brought up to believe that you judge a person by what is on the inside, not what is on the outside.

I was brought up to believe that the place of your birth is not your birth right. It is an accident over which you have no control, and it does not give you superiority over anyone else. To take this to its logical conclusion, are you a better person than me because you were born in Worcestershire, for example, or in the LE2 postcode? If I asked you this, you would think I was stupid. Yet so many people make so many judgements about others because of where they had the fortune or misfortune to be born and grow up.

I was brought up to believe that being a human being is more important than judging someone for having a vagina or a penis, again, not something you get to choose, something you are born with, right?

I was brought up to believe in personal responsibility, not in putting blame on the underdog for what I cannot have.

I was brought up to believe in treating other people as I would wish to be treated myself, not in using anyone and everyone as a whipping boy so that I do not have to take responsibility for anything I do not like.

I was brought up to believe in extending a helping hand to those who are less fortunate than myself, because one day, that less fortunate person might be me and I would wish the same generosity of spirit extended to myself.

After this weekend, my children will live in a world where:

Books are banned, not because of their literary merits, but because of where in the world they came from.

Where a political party who believes in isolationism as the answer to all our problems is rising through the ranks.

Where a political party who believes that women should no longer benefit from maternity pay, nor be given equal rights within the work place are gaining popularity.

Where a political party that wants to dismantle our free health service is being championed by people who cannot afford private health care.

Where a political party that has representatives who believe that there is no rape within marriage and that gays are responsible for weather patterns is gaining power.

Where a boy who couldn’t get laid gunned down 6 women because he decided they were the reason he was still a virgin and they had to be punished.

Where when this information came out on Twitter, people were applauding him, because women are the reason that we are in the mess we are in right now, apparently, and the less of them there are in the world, the better.

I do not have the words, but I can only say to my children that I am sorry that this is the world you will inherit. Sorrier than I can express.

9 responses to “Sorry

  1. A very passionate and well said blog. I raise my glass to you

  2. Thank you Ruth. x

  3. Yes indeed, the joy that the BNP have been voted out up here is tempered by the horror of UKIP.

  4. Very eloquent Ms Boo – but did you go and vote this time and will you vote next time to help get rid of the bastards? I ask this because I recall from the vaccination post some weeks ago that you said you do not vote. These minority extreme parties actually get elected because so few people bother, for whatever reason, to go out and cast their vote. A vote which was hard won not so very long ago and is now shrugged off by far too many. Yes, this is one of my soap boxes 🙂


  5. No I didn’t Sharon. I started to write this in the comments box, and it got long, so will post as a blog post. xxx

  6. Reblogged this on What Kate Did Next and commented:
    Well said.

  7. Such fine words x

  8. It’s a view.

    On the other hand, we live in a wealthier, more stable world than ever in human history. I can be pretty sure of dying at an age that would seem like a miracle to my forebears, crime is dropping (even if the reporting gets ever more breathless), population growth is slowing (even reversing), I can be pretty sure of never being forcibly drafted to die in a muddy trench anywhere, and I am free to write my opinions for the world to read without being arrested. I work every day alongside Germans and Russians and Muslims and Jews and every possible racial/sexual type and it simply isn’t relevant. Also, the Circle line now has air-conditioning.

    Of course the whole world is not like the Cotswolds (or white-collar London), but even allowing for missteps, the broad trend over decades is positive. I take a strange comfort that the Catholic Church used to behave in a way that makes radical Islam look like rank amateurs at the art of being brutally nasty to people, and yet it passed.

  9. We do, everything you say is right, and yet it saddens me when we seem to take such backward steps, particularly over things that seem so obvious.

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