High on a hill stood a hungry blogger

Yesterday was Goat Wednesday.

Goat Wednesday is an entirely fictional day, invented by me and my friend when we realised there was a new Caribbean/Jamaican restaurant in Leicester that served goat. She had only ever eaten goat once and loved it. I had never eaten goat and was goatcurious.

So yesterday we ate goat curry.

It was blinking delicious.

The restaurant is called Turtle Bay. I believe it is one of a chain, so do not despair, if you too wish to eat goat curry, there may be a suitable venue nearby.

I don’t know very much about Caribbean food, it has to be said. I am a huge fan of jerk chicken, but other than that it is all a bit of a mystery. Leicester is more curry oriented on the whole, but I do love trying new things, so when the opportunity arises to sling on the nose bag in the name of scientific research, I am there.

So, the food. Where to start?

Firstly I was surprised at how Indian inspired a lot of the dishes were. To start, for example, I had paratha with a chick pea curry topping and a type of raita made with grated cucumber and fresh coconut. All Indian style dishes, but with a Caribbean twist. The paratha were made with a spiced flour which gave them a real kick, and complemented the warmth of the chickpea mixture perfectly. I loved the cucumber and coconut, which tasted really fresh and interesting.

My friend had Jerk chicken wings and was generous enough to let me try one. Nicely spiced and very plump, the chicken practically fell off the bone. Top marks.

I had goat curry for my main, and she had Trinidadian fish curry. The goat was tender and melting and tasted rather like lamb, but without the perfumed sweetness of lamb that is the one thing about it I really am not keen on. I’d take goat over lamb any day of the week. The sauce was rich and bursting with flavour. The heat was warm but persistent inducing a sniffly nose but not a fiery throat. The rest of the curry was packed with generous chunks of potato, carrot and onion, and served with rice and peas and flat breads.

The fish curry, which I got to try was more subtle, although still hot. You could taste a hint of coconut and the gravy was slightly creamier to complement the fish. It came with hefty chunks of salmon and squid.

We were too full for puddings, but didn’t feel cheated. We had feasted long and well.

The drinks were a hit too. Freshly made sparkling limeade in individual chunky glass bottles with a pop top, cold from the fridge, sharp and slightly sweetened but not too much. Freshly made ginger beer which is infused with cayenne pepper and Scotch bonnets was deceptively easy to drink and then reared up and bashed you over the head with heat and flavour.

We loved it.

No goat in the county is safe now.

2 responses to “High on a hill stood a hungry blogger

  1. I ate goat in Madeira, in a garlicky tomato sauce. It was pretty tasty 🙂

  2. Sounds lovely, specially the bit about eating it in Madeira

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