Spinning around

So far this week:

Guests – done and dusted – lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed showing my house off and spending time with lovely friends.

Almost drove into the newly pedestrianised bit of Leicester station whilst dropping my friend off at the railway station on Wednesday night. Totally impressed I didn’t, given that I would still be stuck there now if this had been the case. To avoid doing this I had to slightly go into a bus lane whilst being impassively observed by parked up police car. I await my ticket with impatience. I did not cry. Medal for this also in post alongside ticket.

Enabled my friends to shout at a man who cut us up in a Porsche Boxster and then tried to intimidate an old lady by vrooming very loudly into her path while she was trying to walk across his drive way. Most enjoyable. A car full of cackling middle aged women shouting ‘knobber’ and ‘idiot’ with the window down did actually make him turn and gape at us. Sadly not whilst driving his precious car into the wall of his house.

Pub Quiz achieved – I haven’t been to one for twenty years. I didn’t disgrace myself too badly. Very impressed I managed to stay awake given number of early starts this week. Top marks. I knew pickled nasturtium seeds were capers and managed to recognise Jilted John in the music round. I am being allowed back next week. Did get lost in the pub on the way out, and I only drank soda water. I do not spend a lot of time in pubs. Clearly this needs to be rectified, although if I get lost every week this will be rectified fairly swiftly.

Knitting lessons booked and paid for for me for the end of June. I am not being left out of the tsunami of crafting my friends and family are currently embarking on, and Jason should be back from Germany by then so we are good to knit. Plus I have my eye on some striped knitting needles and need an excuse to purchase them.

SATS for Tallulah – now finished. She enjoyed them. Didn’t get stressed. Huzzah.

Tilly – Work experience done and dusted. She enjoyed it. Didn’t get stressed. Huzzah.

SATS for Oscar – No idea but he didn’t get stressed. Huzzah.

One last minute birthday party boy was invited to – sorted and I didn’t forget present, card, wrapping paper, boy etc.

First Holy Communion – still a work in progress. Causing me slight amounts of anguish. Counting the hours… Shakes fist at Jesus petulantly.

Restaurant for post communion celebration booked. Present for child bought. Non religious present, but one that she will like.

Sleepover for Oscar with best friend to celebrate best friend’s birthday sorted and in diary, present bought etc. This is scarily efficient. Things will go wrong. Guaranteed.

Some of the things for the outward bounds holiday Tallulah is going on after half term bought and ticked off of extensive list of sensible, outside type items she does not have due to the fact that her interests only involve; singing, the life and works of Taylor Swift including footnotes about her cat, Meredith, being funny, wearing pink things and biscuits.

Husband, still in Germany – home tomorrow, things are a bit better. We are still not convinced.

Car – delivered to garage today, replete with chipped windscreen courtesy of a large lorry thundering past me on a newly metalled road on Monday on the way to pick the children up from school. I shall be dealing with this new claim when the current claim is finished and my car has been returned.

Swimming lesson for the boy, achieved. Boy actually learned to turn his head to the side this week. This is a huge milestone. Now we just have to stop him doing half the lesson under water diagonally and all will be well.

Maths tuition achieved. It is the last week next week. The halls will be decked.

Present bought for maths tutor to say thank you for getting us through SATS without any of us having to visit local basket weaving department of hospital.

Car in for service as well as having dents bashed out of it. Top marks to me for getting service done after only 900 miles past its time rather than about two thousand miles last year. Could we say I am becoming a petrol head? No.

New hire car is a Ford Fiesta. It is like driving a toy car compared to the tank that is my beaten up VW Polo. Slightly unnerved by the whole experience. Feel like I should wind the key in the side every time I set off somewhere. It has not made me cry yet. Go me. I did manage to get petrol in it, but only after driving up to the petrol pump on the wrong side, twice, and nearly reversing into a small sign. Ho hum.

EBay being wound down due to intensive nature of the next few weeks including looming half term activities, and my irritation at annoying customers leaking out in a series of borderline curt emails that mean I need to back off and regroup when patience levels are higher and I am less STABBY.

Bee situation still unresolved. I need time to talk to bee experts and time is something I am a bit short of this week.

Three holidays booked and paid for. We looked at the price of one holiday abroad for all five of us including flights, car hire, etc, and plumped for three in the UK. A week in Kent in July, a week in London in August and a week in North Wales in October. Muchly excited about this. No blood was spilled. I did not cry and Jason did not have to raise his eyebrows once. After ten years together this is some kind of watershed. I expect we will divorce by Christmas.

Herculean amounts of cake eaten and coffee consumed. I am significantly more spherical than a week ago, but if this is the only thing between me and crack I am going to totally rock the spherical look.

It is Friday tomorrow. I cannot tell you how much joy this brings me.

6 responses to “Spinning around

  1. Fantastic x

    Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

  2. watchingthewheels

    flippin fantastic and all very tiring xxx

  3. I will look forward to the knitting updates. My husband was just telling me last night that his cunning plan to allow us to give up our jobs is that he is going to knit and sell his creations to rock stars and celebs. Bono was the rock star of choice. Scarily, he wasn’t even that drunk, he’s usually much more inebriated of a Saturday.

  4. auntigwen
    I totally applaud his business acumen. I look forward to seeing his first designs.

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