and another thing..

Today, due to an administrative cock up on my part, I am actually not doing much or seeing anyone. I did think I was at the hair dresser’s today, but that turns out to be tomorrow instead, which is, thankfully ok. Unusually for me, my failure to diarise things properly has only resulted in inconvenience for me, not everyone else. This will change, but I am making hay while the sun shines and all that.

I like to be busy, and I like to see people, but sometimes it is very, very nice when you can just suit yourself, and drift about, rather like a piece of sea weed. It is especially nice when you weren’t really expecting to have that time. I am being unexpected sea weed.

I am spending some of my time snoozing, as I am not sleeping very well again. My body shuns the idea of sleeping until about two in the morning, but seems to think that 11.00 a.m. is a brilliant time to be dog tired, or any time between three in the afternoon and half six at night. Huzzah!

I am spending quite a lot of my time eating. For example, Malteser bar in the car whilst on the way to the Post Office, accompanied by guilty thoughts: ‘But it’s only ten in the morning. This is like drinking before the sun is over the yard arm, etc.’ Then ‘Fuck it! I found it in the bottom of my handbag. I claim it as salvage. I am eating it NOW.’

I am still spending quite a lot of time at the Post Office. I did not go to my regular Post Office yesterday. When I tripped through the doors today, wiping chocolate from my face, the lady behind the counter greeted me like a long lost friend. She wondered where I was yesterday. They were getting a bit worried. Bless her.

I am spending some of my time putting together a pile of things which must go on EBay this evening when we get back from the return of the dreaded maths tuition.

I am spending some of my time missing my husband who has gone back to Germany and whose absence is very much noticeable. I keep thinking of things to tell him and then realising that I can’t. When I do get around to speaking to him all the things I was going to tell him have flown from my mind like the lark on the wing etc. I suspect that this means those thoughts were utterly inconsequential and I am probably saving him valuable brain space by not filling it with nonsense. I do miss it, and him though.

I am spending some time procrastinating. This was going to be a post about the fact that Tilly has taken up knitting. I’m not quite sure what happened there.

My next post will be about knitting. I promise.

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