A weekend of indulgence

The problem with real life, is that it sometimes interferes with your virtual life. Sometimes real life interference is a bad thing. I am thinking; ironing, cat being sick on the stairs, children trying to murder each other etc.

Sometimes real life is so excellent though, that your virtual life doesn’t get a look in.

We are back to school tomorrow, something none of us are looking forward to, and I did wonder if this last weekend would be a solemn affair – but no. It has been splendid.

On Saturday I scooted off to London at ridiculous o’clock, dropping in at Burnham Beeches on the way to pick up some more gorgeous art work I won on EBay. I was at Brent Cross by nine, where I abandoned the car and took the tube to Liberty, where I met up with a bunch of fantastic friends for a day of outrageous spoiling. We had breakfast in Liberty. I highly recommend their smoked salmon and scrambled egg with sour dough toast, by the way. Then we tried on a series of stupid hats, stroked a lot of china and resisted temptation furiously.

After this we popped over to the Jo Malone concession in John Lewis on Oxford Street where my friend Claire had been issued an invitation for hand massages, lessons in layering smells and general perfumery foolery. This also included glasses of champagne and chocolates. So, you know, there was quite a lot to like. It was very fun, pretending to be posh, and I could not resist coming away with a small bottle of wild fig and cassis, which to me smells like paper and grey ash, and is complicated and rather delightful. I’ve never been one for straightforward perfume, and this certainly isn’t.

We wafted down Oxford Street in a cloud of deliciousness, and ended up in a Hawaiian restaurant called Kua ‘Aina (Foubert’s Place, London – Piccadilly or Oxford Circus tube). I am told that the original Kua ‘Aina in Hawaii is Barack Obama’s favourite place to eat. I cannot say that I have ever visited a restaurant on the strength of a favourable review by a politician, but as all my friends raved about it too, I was willing to try it. It was really delicious. I had the Ahi tuna salad with a side of skin on skinny fries, because I don’t do healthy. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a great day which mostly involved eating and talking, which I have to say have always been two of my favourite occupations.

This morning we visited my friend Nicki, who has had the horrible misfortune to start the holiday with a broken wrist, and who will be in plaster for six weeks. I have offered to, quite literally be her right hand man, should she need any assistance in the coming weeks. I am setting the children on to making her a bionic hand. Despite the plaster, it was lovely to see her.

In the afternoon Jason took us off to Staunton Harold nurseries where we had a late lunch and looked at lots of lovely things. Jason, quite unlike himself, fell in love with a huge metal sculpture which looks rather like the space rocket that Wallace and Gromit go to find cheese on the moon in, in A Grand Day Out. I hope he decides to buy it. I love it when he surprises himself and us. And it would be a most amazingly cool thing to have in the garden.

The evening has been spent sorting out what happens when you woefully neglect your EBay account for three days. I am almost sorted apart from the massive pile of things which I was going to get around to listing this weekend, and haven’t quite managed. On the other hand, if you asked me what was more fun, spending my weekend with people I love eating things and looking at huge, rusting rockets, or listing stuff on EBay I think you’d know the answer.

2 responses to “A weekend of indulgence

  1. sounds pretty darn good to me!

  2. It was blinking lovely. x

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