My Friend Kaz, the artist

My friend Kaz is brilliant at everything.

She will probably be all modest and shy and retiring about this claim – but she is lying.

She really is brilliant at most things you care to mention.

My friend Andrea is rather similar, although she is more along the agrarian/science nerd route while Kaz is more arty/history.

These are the friends I shall have on my pub quiz team, along with Caron who is a a mathematical genius and number one medical bod.

Anyway, bored of being ace at archaeology, and making jewellery, and doing things with glass in a furnace that makes it come out all gorgeous, and growing things, and knitting, and crocheting and running, playing the saxophone and the ukulele, and making damson gin – Kaz has turned her hand to painting.

And it turns out that, unsurprisingly to everyone else but herself, she is shit hot at it.

I am not lying. I like art. I have done courses in art appreciation. I go to galleries and do studious pointing and nodding at stuff. A David Hockney painting once actually made me cry with joy. I am that pretentious.

I commissioned one of her paintings for my mum for a Christmas present, as she did a series of pictures of jewelled beetles which my mum fell head over heels in love with, and it is very nice to give someone something as a gift that they have fallen head over heels in love with, and you know they would never buy for themselves.

Her work is pretty eclectic, being rather much of an artistic magpie. She is currently doing a series of photo realist paintings of fruit. I am waiting until she does some cherries and then I’m having it. SNAP.

She has started to advertise her art on a website called Art Finder, a place where you can follow different, independent artists, and buy their work. You have to sign up for the site, but it is free, and unlike other sites that I have signed up for in the past, it doesn’t fill your in box with spam every thirty minutes of every day.

I think, for the quality of her work, the prices on Art Finder are very reasonable, but I understand that should you mail me, whispering that you are a friend of Kaz, she may well be able to do you a deal.

Check out her work on her blog, where she often posts interesting posts about the progress of a particular piece, or the inspiration for a piece, and follow her on Art Finder.

2 responses to “My Friend Kaz, the artist

  1. Oh, MsBoo, now you’ve made me cry……

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