Burnham Beeches

Last week I bought some prints from a seller on EBay. A different one than I got my David Hockney from, but just as nice, and with equally lovely items. It has been agreed by Jason and I, mostly I, that for every reasonable chunk of money I put into the Paypal account, I get a little to spend, and this is what I chose to spend my money on from the last chunk I raised.

One of the prints was already framed. The buyer offered to unframe it and send it by post, but given that framing is incredibly expensive and he only lived in Slough, I decided to go down there at the weekend and pick it up, along with the unframed print I had bought.

I was not terribly keen on the thought of going to Slough, in all honesty. Whenever I think of it, I always think of the first lines of the John Betjeman poem:

Oh come you bombs and drop on Slough, It isn’t fit for humans now.

Which just about sums up the feeling of the nation towards it.

Nevertheless I was decided.

On Saturday morning, Jason decided that he would come along, and not only would he come along, he would drive in his zoomy car. This was great, because he got to zoom, and the children like it. It was also great because it meant I didn’t have to.

I was already feeling chipper by the time we set off.

When we got there it was rather a lovely surprise. It turns out that the seller actually lived just outside Slough near Burnham Beeches. I had never been to Burnham Beeches before, but it has been one of those places, lurking in the back of my consciousness that I have always intended to visit and never quite got round to.

Burnham Beeches is kind of what it it says on the tin really, a piece of very beautiful, nationally protected woodland, mostly made up of beech trees. It is extremely gorgeous indeed.

We picked up my artwork from the seller, who was a delight. I was thrilled with my pictures which was even more of a delight, and then as it was lunch time, we hoved off to a local pub near the woods, which looked rustic and lovely and served brilliant food. We stuffed ourselves to the gills with edible morsels and then wandered outside to have a poke around.

Although the weather was bright on Saturday, it was blinking freezing for the most part, and there was a cruel wind blowing through the things cruel winds blow through, so we didn’t stop to take in all the splendour of the woods. Mostly we frolicked around the edges until we were too cold to stand it any more, and then got in the car. We did a little more exploring with the heating on, and went to a place called Egypt, which didn’t have any pyramids or camels, sadly, but did have a lot more beautiful woodland.

We buggered off home with Burnham Beeches firmly on our summer to do list, or sooner if I make enough money to buy more art.

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