Silver, silver linings

This year, for my birthday, Jason bought me two bits of art. One is a silk screen by Paul Bommer, which I think I have bored everyone senseless with already. I am so happy to have this I just keep banging on about it. I will post pictures when it is back from the framers’.

The other thing is a wood block print by Eric Gill. I have loved Eric Gill’s work for a long, long time. It took me ages to choose a piece by him that I wanted, and in the end I picked one from an EBay seller that showed a man being squished by a bag of money. On the bag it says ‘lucre’. It is such a simple thing, clean, perfect and tiny, and I absolutely love its elegance and humour.

It was supposed to arrive by 1st April.

It didn’t. I waited until yesterday to contact the seller, because you just never know with Royal Mail and I didn’t want to get previous.

As it was, the seller was pretty horrified. It should definitely have been with me, and when she looked it up it said that there was no information available for the tracking number for the parcel. It seems, sadly, that it has gone AWOL in the post somewhere.

I was extremely unhappy.

The seller was absolutely brilliant. She immediately offered me a full refund, or if I preferred, another Gill print which she would send to me at her own expense.

I could not find another one I liked as much. I kept comparing them to the one that was lost and feeling woeful. Luckily for me, she has some exquisite things, and she agreed to send me a David Hockney poster which shows a line drawing of two men in bed, done in pencil on a white ground. It is so beautiful and spare and tender. It is also signed, and framed, and a thing of great loveliness.

The Hockney poster was a little more money and I said I was happy to pay the difference. She absolutely refused to let me do this, and sent it to me by registered post so it would get to me in time for my birthday. It arrived this afternoon and is absolutely perfect.

I am utterly and completely impressed by the seller, who has been as disappointed as me by this situation, and has had to bear a double loss financially. Her communication was superb, her customer service was flawless and she was just brilliant.

Her EBay shop is out of this world. It is called Vintage-Print-Shop and there are so many things I want on here it is hard to count the ways. I will definitely be spending more money with her in the near future, when our financial situation is a bit more settled, and if you are looking for a glorious, art related present for someone, or yourself, I urge you to go and spend your money with her.

Just don’t buy all the things I like.

4 responses to “Silver, silver linings

  1. please post a photo of your new artwork 🙂

  2. What a lovely seller!

  3. Happy Birthday! I was browsing though the Vintage Print shop, and they have some really wonderful prints. I too would love to see a photo of your new artwork.

  4. Ruth, I will do!

    Bev, she is.

    Sonya. Thanks. I will do.

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