Unbirthday news

Friday, as it turned out, was my official ‘unbirthday’.

Jason flew home on Thursday night and took Friday off as a holiday in order to take me out for the day for my birthday, even though it is not my birthday until Wednesday.

He had fixed things up with the children and my mum and dad so that there were presents and cards and cake and a day out, and dinner out in the evening sans children, and it was all very, very unexpected and very delightful.

I say this as a woman who, as a rule does not like surprises, unless they are the sort where I wake up to find a sack of non sequential bank notes lying at the foot of the bed.

I had a marvellous day.

We went out for breakfast, after the obligatory stop off at the post office (they would miss me if I didn’t go). Then we pottered around here and there, doing aimless things that I enjoy, poking around in charity shops for treasure, eating pastry, drinking coffee, not feeling rushed or thinking that there are things I have to do. That sort of thing. Very, very boring for those of you who like to go to Alton Towers and wee your pants on rides, or go clubbing for forty eight hours without any sleep. But lovely for people like me who have done all that stuff and now just crave a quiet life full of biscuits and tranquility.

In the evening we went to a restaurant in Leicester I have always wanted to try. It is called 1573 and it mostly serves steak. It has had mixed reviews, we were surprised to find, as our visit was absolutely splendid. I skipped my starter in favour of a pudding and champagne cocktails. Fair exchange is no robbery you see. I had a beautiful rib eye steak, rare and delicious with crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside chips. Every mouthful was heaven. Jason had rack of ribs where the meat was falling off the bone as he picked it up, and which he pronounced delicious. I did not try it, because I am not a fan of ribs. Jason was too full for pudding, but I had key lime cheese cake with fruits of the forest coulis. It was perfectly nice but not something I’d rush to eat again. Next time I’d have more cocktails instead.

As it was, I had an extremely toothsome combination of Grey Goose vodka, champagne and freshly squeezed lime juice to start with. It tasted a lot like grapefruit Spangles for those of you old enough and British enough to know what I’m talking about. I approve. I followed it up with my cocktail of choice which was Prosecco with black raspberry Chambord liqueur. YUM.

The service was fantastic. The food was great. We ate a leisurely dinner and because we like to eat early, for I am not the sort of person who copes well without regular injections of food, it was still light when we came out of the restaurant. Perfect.

So far my birthday has lasted a week and I haven’t even had it yet. This is the sort of birthday I very much enjoy. I am going to savour it and wring out every last drop of wonder.

2 responses to “Unbirthday news

  1. How terribly splendid. I’ve just organised my birthday day out, which shall happen on 24 April, the day after my actual birthday. We’re doing The Vikings at the British Museum, then having an early dinner somewhere (not sure where yet) before heading off to see Jeeves & Wooster with the wonderful Mark (Dr Alan Statham) Heap and Robert Webb!

  2. That sounds like a pretty much perfect day to me.

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