nil by blogging

It is a free listing weekend on EBay this weekend. This may not sound exciting to those of you who are not trying to keep the wolf from the door and think about becoming an international art dealer, but to me, who is, this is excellent news.

Which is why there has been nil by blogging up to this point. I have been washing and ironing and photographing and polishing and dusting and photographing and listing and listing and listing and wrapping until my arms fall off.

I am keeping the wolf from the door.

The art dealing will have to wait.

In between this we have had our friends Peter and Caron round for dinner. Our ridiculously busy lives mean that we have not seen each other for nearly 18 months at my last count, so flags should be hung out that we have finally managed to coordinate a happy meeting.

Happy it was. The children got on like a house on fire and spent large parts of the evening pinging about on the trampoline and running round the garden. There were fish and chips, which is always excellent in my book and takes the pressure off of me as the hostess to rustle up appetising dinners for nine whilst simultaneously filling EBay full of tat. There was laughter and catching up and silliness and Jason turning on the charm with small children like you wouldn’t believe.

My husband is a funny bugger. He is really not keen on children, sometimes his own, mainly other unrelated children. He finds their diminutive stature and squeaking rather troubling. Yet, as with cats, who he also dislikes for the very same reasons, he is irresistible to those he purports to disdain. Even when he is eschewing them with a firm hand, they love him. Then, when he bothers to get twinkly with them, they fall at his feet. Such was the case yesterday. He really should work with children and animals, contrary to all popular warnings against such activities.

I might start him off as a children’s entertainer, who tames cats as one of his party pieces, should Germany not prove to his liking in the long term.

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