Cake I love you

I am unbelievably tired. Well, not unbelievably to me. I operate in a permanent, low level cloud of sleepiness, but the fact that other people are now actively commenting on the state of my tiredness is new – and troubling. The lady at the petrol station has gone from patting me sympathetically to a full on hug. I kid you not.

Jason is home. This is good. Although even he said: ‘Good God woman, you look exhausted. What have you been doing?’ Which made me want to drive to the petrol station for a hug.

I feel I must blog, and indeed there are probably many terribly exciting things to tell you, except that I cannot pour them into any coherent shape without them all skittering off to the four winds of my enfeebled brain.

So let us have a list.

The small children have taken it upon themselves to make this week ‘International Bickering Week’. I am not sure if anyone else is celebrating it, but we are certainly doing our bit to make sure it does not go unmarked. They have argued over everything from the correct way to peel a banana to whether that level of drink in a glass is sufficient for breakfast purposes. We have had pit stops along the way to fit in other burning issues, such as who cleaned out the sink last, if indeed anyone did; whether it was him or her that left that light on etc. It’s all riveting stuff and I’m sure it would make a corking episode of the Archers should they ever run out of ideas, but I am a little weary of it now. It may explain why I seem to look so particularly tired.

Oscar has moved into a flirtation with cross dressing. This does not bother me one whit. I found him fighting with Tallulah over one of Tilly’s cast off skirts. It was rather nice actually, pale green cotton with a sort of leafy pattern. He has good taste. Tallulah was saying that he could not wear it, because he was a boy. He was nearly in tears, and said that he could wear what he wanted and he liked it. I felt my heart break for him. I want him to be able to wear it, and I also want him not to care what anyone else thinks because why should girls get all the best clothes? And why should anyone bother what we wear anyway?

I loved him so much in that one, desperate heart beat of a moment.

Tallulah won the toss because she had bagged it first, unfortunately for Oscar. But he did get some splendid pink pyjama bottoms with poodles all over them as compensation. When I went to tuck him up he showed them to me, his bottom lip wobbling. I said: ‘Oscar. You look incredibly smart. I love what you’ve done with those pyjamas.’ He beamed. He said: ‘I wanted that skirt because I could have worn it in the garden and it would have been excellent for trampolining in.’ I agreed, but suggested that there might be other skirts in his future, should he still desire to trampoline in them, and that everything would be fine and good.

I then went and had a fierce word with Tallulah about small boy’s rights to wear whatever the hell they liked, and indeed large men’s rights. We are not going to have that nonsense in this house.

In other news:

My lovely friend Sharon has sent me a brown paper package wrapped up in string. It contains some particularly cool socks and some even cooler chocolates and the best hand made card I have received in many a long day. Sharon, I love you.

My husband bought me a Paul Bommer screen print for my birthday. It depicts the entire old rhyme of Oranges and Lemons says the Bells of St. Clements, but without the chopping off the head bit. I love it. When it is framed, I shall attempt to take a photo of it to show you. Jason I love you.

My lovely friend Nicki bought me a beautiful literary map for my birthday. She was so excited about it I had to open it today. I didn’t mind because I was very excited about it too. I need to take it to the framers very quickly because if I keep unrolling it to have another little look at it, like I have been doing all day, it will disintegrate very shortly. Nicki I love you.

I met Andrea for a late lunch yesterday. We set the world to rights and ate lots of cake – which was nice. Andrea I love you.

I ran away with my mum today, and we ate lots of cake and did some treasure hunting – which was also nice. Mum I love you.

Cake has been a constant watch word this week. I cannot say I am sorry about this at all.

16 responses to “Cake I love you

  1. I shall send you a virtual hug, and hope the tiredness abates. Also wanted to say that I adore Oscar and appreciate your championing of everyone’s right to wear skirts if it makes them happy. Also, he is totally right – a flippy skirt would be wonderful for trampolining (if you were not me and deathly afraid of heights/falling, that is).

  2. This piece of writing is so funny and beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. You’ve summed up how to instill a sense of tolerance in our children–we are not going to have that nonsense in this house! Bravo.

  3. I wonder if clock change has thrown everyone out this week?i have even had to wake mine which is unheard of normally wake at 6or before now its seven.last weekend of course no lie praying for seven to continue lol…bless your tiredness life is very stressful isn’t it…i am glad you stil made time for cake and have had lovely gifts xxx hope your not ill and you have a good weekend.i would love to meet up soon and eat cake with you and you can have a hug certainly

  4. Meant to say re arguing my big two do that two no real reasoning!!oh and Toby has started scratching pinching me when I say its time to go or do anything..joys hoping this passes quickly..could just say its their age which apparently is gd excuse for any problem at any helpful is that not?!lol xx

  5. If there was cake and a birthday did you have candles?….did you make a wish?…….and not just for more sleep……Happy Birthday.x

  6. hope you had a lovely birthday ! x

  7. In the early years of this century I was charmed to work on a serious (very serious!) V&A exhibition called ‘Men in Skirts’ – and of course men do wear skirted garments like coats all the time, it’s just the separate garment that causes people to get their knickers in a knot, apart from possibly kilts.

    The whole argument that skirts are purely feminine is crap, of course, as men and boys have worn skirts in many eras and civilisations – moreover if Tallulah wants to continue to wear leggings, trousers etc,why shouldn’t boys wear skirts? Or perhaps Oscar is remembering a previous life in say, 19th century France, when at his age he might still be wearing dresses!

  8. Wear what you like xx

  9. Noreen – He may well be. I hope he continues to be brave and bold in his clothing choices. Long live difference, that’s what I say.

  10. Newthing hopefully short lived xx thanks lovely have a great birthday week /year lol xx

  11. Was is something I said?……just sayin’ s’all…….

  12. Oh no! Sorry Libby. I didn’t meant to leave you out. I blipped over your comment! Bless you. Not had birthday yet. Will be tomorrow. Sleeping better thanks. xxx

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