Stuff features heavily in this post

I am at home today, waiting for my new garden furniture to be delivered.

The garden is going to be so full, there won’t be room for weeds. That is the design principle I’m working from.

Many people hold philosophies of life that propose that balance is a key ingredient in finding and keeping personal happiness. As such, it seems somehow right that in order to fund the filling of the garden I am emptying my house.

Yes, I am finally getting rid of ‘stuff’ – not so that I can become zen like and minimalist.

No, so that I can buy more ‘stuff’ but put it in a different place. Thus restoring the balance of my life.

Nirvana is mine.

As long as it looks like a rattan sofa with matching coffee table and a children’s playhouse.

I am mostly selling pottery. It is what I have a surplus of, and some of it hasn’t even been unboxed properly since we moved house last February. I am also selling shoes. This is because I am a fiend for a shoe, and when I see a bargain, even if it isn’t in my size, it has to be bought, in the hope that, like the Ugly Sisters, I can shrink/grow my feet in line with the gorgeousness of the shoe. It has turned out not to be the case, which has been somewhat disappointing, but will prove very profitable for anyone who buys shoes from EBay and who takes a size four in Irregular Choice, Charles Jourdan and Sacha footwear.

I was going to sell all this stuff after we moved in order to empty the last boxes in the house, but lost my nerve.

If I am honest, I really hated using EBay and was hoping that some better way of selling things might spring to mind.

Short of touting my wares at antique and collector’s fares, which would prove a logistical nightmare and mean that I would be away working the only time Jason is back in the country, EBay still comes out as the only really viable solution.

Which annoyed me.

So I sulked about and railed against my fate, because I am a mature and rational adult and all mature and rational adults behave like this.

Then my friend Claire showed me the magic that is the EBay app for iPhones and I pulled myself together.

Instead of taking approximately fifteen minutes at a time to list an item, it takes about two. This is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Every single time I come to use it I marvel afresh at how easy it is, although I cannot understand why the desk top version could not work this way, and why neither version quite does what the other does. For instance, you can send an invoice on the desk top version, but not on the app. Why? Why is that?

I am new to the world of apps. I have hardly any on my phone, and still tend to use my phone in the old fashioned way, i.e. to phone people, rather than to conduct my daily business. I am slowly coming round to the idea that my phone can help me in all sorts of hitherto undreamed of ways. I eagerly await the day it will peel potatoes and iron shirts. In the meantime, using it to help me buy the children a playhouse and thus ensure they will spend most of the summer outside seems like a brilliant way to make the most of it.

Sadly, the App doesn’t protect you from the odd, completely bonkers bidder, or potential buyer. I can think of nothing short of a stun gun that would prove adequate in this regard. I have, up to now however, been blessed with a much greater proportion of lovely people to do business with, and very few loons. Long may it last.

I am shameless when it comes to touting my wares, so if you decide that what you really need in your life is some dusty pottery and some pre loved shoes check out my ‘stuff’ on Ebay at jaydubya_uk

Or not.

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