The strangeness of my children – part squillion

The children continue to weird me out and impress me in equal measure – sometimes in the same sentence.

Tallulah’s impression of an aged Yorkshireman is going from strength to strength, and makes me laugh – a lot.

She has a genius for creating characters and giving them fantastic monologues which are a mix of scarily prescient social observation and utterly imaginative flights of fancy.

She has no off switch though, which is a draw back.  If she actually knew when to stop, I would be hiring her out for telly work as I type.

She has started developing a new character.  Someone who has a lisp.  This character is neither my favourite, nor my best, and her total immersion in what she is doing, and the fact that she can keep it up for several weeks at a time is driving me nuts.  I am hoping that the fascination with this particular character, who has yet to be given a name, will be fleeting, and thrown aside for something more palatable.

Tallulah is by no means the only member of the family being troubling/interesting – and always entertaining.

We were driving back from the garden centre on Sunday afternoon when Oscar announced, apropos of nothing at all:

‘I am the smartest turd in the world!’

Cue gales of laughter from everyone.

Unperturbed, he continued:

‘And I constantly conquer death’

As you do.

He then proceeded to sing a long and involved song about all the daring doings of the smartest turd in the world.

It was awe inspiring – or something.

Tilly is being rather quiet, but did confess that she is saving up to buy alpacas.  Apparently she has enough money to buy one alpaca, but they get lonely if you don’t let them live with alpaca friends and relatives, so she needs enough money to buy a herd.

I am hoping she won’t manage to save up for them until she moves out of home, although how she’s going to find a flat share with a landlord willing to let her graze a herd of alpacas I don’t know.

2 responses to “The strangeness of my children – part squillion

  1. They all sound awesome. Oscar sounds just like my youngest

  2. It’s good to know there are others out there like mine!

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