Pet Rescue

Over dinner the  night before last, Tallulah said:

We were reading a book today in school about a cat who found out its owners were deaf. It learned sign language and used it to tell them when the telephone was ringing.’

We all looked at her in utter amazement.

She said:

‘It’s true. It was in a book about animal heroes.’

Tilly said:

‘How can a cat learn sign language? It hasn’t got any fingers?’

I said:

‘Why would deaf people need a telephone?’

Oscar said:


The children went on to discuss this in much more depth.


‘I think the cat must have had false arms. That way it could definitely have learned sign language.’


‘Yes, but I still don’t understand how it could help them answer the phone.  Do you think it used its false arms to pick up the receiver and then took down all the messages so it could sign to the deaf people?’

Tallulah had no come back, despite some blustering on her part.  She tried to deflect the heat.

‘Anyway. It wasn’t as interesting as the story of the pig that saved a man’s life by stopping him from crashing a car.’

Again – silence as we ingested this true fact.


‘Did it do mouth to mouth resuscitation?’


‘NO! Anyway. It was a very sad story, because they kept saying that the pig had a pot belly. That was a horrible thing to say when the pig was only trying to help.’


‘It’s a type of pig, you idiot.  A pot bellied pig is a type of pig, not an insult to pig kind.’


‘Oh. I just thought they were being really mean to it – which was awful when he saved a man’s life.’

3 responses to “Pet Rescue

  1. Sorry, I read that as the cat having false alarms, rather than false arms, Definitely not helpful!

  2. I read it as false alarms at first, too, then had to go back and reread it because the next sentence made no sense…

  3. False alarms would be quite impressive though. Particularly if they also involved false arms.

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