The Bridge – some random thoughts

My plan for today was planting up my new borders.

God, who according to certain sources, has a lot to do with our weather patterns, must have some serious dirt to dish on me, because I woke up this morning to the hardest frost we have had so far this year.

I am for it now.

Thwarted as I am, I have retreated to the house and have started my elevenses early. I have just eaten a slice of Panettone the size of Switzerland, and am still hungry.

I blame the weather.

And God.

instead of hardy perennials let us talk about Scandinoir.

Love Film has sent us the second season of Borgen, which we missed watching last year and wanted to catch up on.  We are enjoying it immensely.  We are also watching The Bridge on BBC4, which we love – possibly slightly more than The Killing.


Don’t tell.

I am not going to give away any spoilers for those of you who have yet to watch. I am merely going air my thoughts on Scandiness in general, based entirely on my watching of political and crime dramas.  It is, as you might imagine, a highly skewed interpretation of life in these countries.

Firstly – it worries me that there seem to be no curtains at all in Scandinavian countries.  Everyone seems to live in houses with enormous expanses of glass, which I understand, given the need to make the most of the allotted hours of light.  I am not worried about it being cold. I have watched Grand Designs.  I know all about triple glazing.  It is more that people seem perfectly fine with wandering about at night in various states of deshabille, carrying on with the minutiae of their day to day life as if everyone within a five mile radius couldn’t see them.

Part of me thinks that this displays a healthy disregard for what others think of you, and a general willingness to be totally open about things that us repressed Britishers would never dream of advertising about themselves in a million years, and I admire that.

The other part of me.  The part of me that has watched far too many horror films, is stricken by this brazen willingness to let others see what you do behind closed doors.  I think, no wonder there are a lot of serial killers in these countries. Picking a victim must be rather like opening a takeaway menu, but with better lighting.

I wonder what the statistics on peeping Toms is like in comparison to this country? It would be interesting to know.  Maybe there are less of them, because nobody is hung up about what they can see around them all the time. Maybe there are more of them because it is all a lot easier.

Do you think they have peeping Tom conventions from other countries who go on bus trips to Scandinavian countries to ogle people like Saga Noren?

There could be a solid business proposition there.

Secondly, in The Bridge there is a very precise colour scheme to the whole affair. Everything, from people’s clothes, to the buildings and the furnishings, match.  The colours run from white to olive green with a spectrum of browns and greys in the middle.  Have they picked this deliberately to reflect the sombre nature of the show, or is this really what it is like out there?

Thirdly, there is quite a lot of stylish furniture and interior design in these programmes. I know that Scandinavian design is a ‘thing’.  I sometimes go and drool in Skandium when time and lack of children allow. I wonder if Danes/Swedes have naturally more sophisticated taste than the average British person, or whether they’re simply choosing not to film brown carpets with orange roses and swirls, and mismatched Tupperware containers?

The Bridge is interesting because it takes place in Sweden and in Denmark.  Jason and I have been trying to figure out the differences between the languages with little to no success.  We have noticed that when Saga, who is Swedish, says yes, she says ‘oh’ in a very particular way.  We wondered whether this is peculiar to her, and what she says and the way she says it is indicative of the fact that she is who she is, or whether it is a general thing.


And feel free to add anything that interests/bothers you on these topics. I am compiling a file.

5 responses to “The Bridge – some random thoughts

  1. I am very, very much loving The Bridge ( I also loved all 3 series of Borgen which cleverly managed to feel like a thriller but wasn’t at all). Like you, I suspect I may love it even more than The Killing although Saga’s Aspergers is laid on a bit thick sometimes, and I do wonder why her superiors don’t explain to new employees that this is what’s happening and she’s not just being a stuck-up rude cow.

    I have to admit I suspect that, in reality, Scandinavia is filled with just as much brown swirly carpets and mismatched towels as the rest of us, it just doesn’t make stylish tv. I wonder if they have the Scandi equivalent of EastEnders out there?

    I desperately want to go there for a visit, all over Scandinavia, from Southern Denmark up to northern Norway, and now that we are (after 17 years) finally without pets (insert sad face emoticon) we can finally make plans to do so! Hooray! If/when I do get out there, I shall make a point of peering in everyone’s front windows (like I do when I go to the Netherlands – they also don’t do curtains) to see how many have flying ducks going up the wall.

  2. I imagine they watch Silent Witness and go ‘is that what public sector offices look like in England? All frosted glass and touchscreen TVs everywhere?”

    Also – Scandi dramas never turn the lights on. Everything happens in pale daylight. Of course this might just be the general dislike of lighting in crime dramas – why turn the lights when you can use a tiny torch ?

  3. I lurrrrrrrrve the Bridge (and have a crush on Martin) and although I have only been to Copenhagen twice, if I had my way I would up sticks and live there tomorrow…….but with curtains.

  4. I don’t know about Scandinavia, but the Dutsch don’t do curtains either… and their windows are really low down so you HAVE to look in them. I spent the whole time I was visiting my friend there catching myself staring in windows then instantly feeling slightly naughty.

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