Spring is in the air

We have spent the weekend spring cleaning the house, and starting to make the garden our own.

We have started emptying the storage unit.  We have started filling the first man shed (the other is still at the design stage).  We have started sorting out all the crap we shoved in the weird, panic room we have.  We have sent six million boxes to be recycled. We have decided that we no longer need to hoard quite so many boxes. We are not planning on moving again for a very, very long time.

We have cleaned windows, and ousted great dust balls by unwisely shifting furniture. We have mopped and polished and plumped and dusted.  The washing machine is on overtime as we finally clear out the old year good and proper.

On top of this, Jason has put up some new clocks in the garden, and done manly things with tarpaulin. We have bought some plants which it will be my job to start planting out tomorrow.  It is only a fraction of what we will need to fill our capacious planters, but it is a start.

We are looking at water features, and pizza ovens, and outdoor furniture.

We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves, and really looking forward to living in our outdoor space when the weather gets warmer.

I will post pictures after I have planted things.

I did have a planting scheme, which kind of went out of the window.  It turns out that we are fairly impulsive when it comes to plant buying.

Who knew?

I now have a bay tree, two baby olive trees, a white lilac bush, and a great many discounted spring bulbs which probably won’t come up this year, but which I am going to put all together in a big bowl, stir up and scatter liberally amongst the planters in the hope that at least some of them will come up next year.  I have chosen snow drops, grape hyacinths, dwarf irises and white and blue hyacinths. I suspect it will all come up tulips, but we shall see.

I shall get Tilly to pray over the planting. She has extremely green fingers and only has to look at a twig for it to burst into bud. I, on the other hand, am the kiss of death when it comes to plants.  I hope her positive energy will cancel out my Dr. Death like tendencies.

In other news, Jason bought Oscar his first bicycle and took him out to the park to practice. They came home after an hour. Oscar looked slightly scraped and wild of hair. Jason looked like he could do with a stiff drink.  I think it’s safe to say that Oscar isn’t a natural heir to Bradley Wiggins.

The bicycle is Nana Megs’ christmas present, which is a pretty awesome present. The girls will get theirs next weekend. They were too busy living the high life in London with their dad this weekend to worry about bicycles.

Tallulah has cycling proficiency coming up in a couple of weeks. Her current bike is now so small when she cycles around on it, she looks like a performing monkey. The look would only be bettered were she to wear a fez and have a budgie riding on her shoulder.  This is probably not what the cycling proficiency man is looking for.

Which is a shame.


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