mid week brain dump

I have started this blog post three times, and deleted it. I spent five minutes staring at a blank screen. Then I spent another five minutes looking at the Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame and wondering why I still allow myself to do that and why the hell I thought that might prove inspiring.

I still haven’t thought of anything witty to tell you.

I am not coping well with the dark mornings, early starts and late finishes coupled with the never ending head cold of doom and the fact that I am still being reasonably efficient, so my days tend to be full of things I must do.

I have been going to bed at half past eight every night this week. I have missed Celebrity Bake Off, which would distress me except that I am too tired to get worked up about it.

I am not gloomy about things. I am just tired and lacking in verve. Even typing the word verve makes me feel tired. It’s the pointiness of the letter V. Or something.

This week I have moved many shelves and book cases. I have rehoused all the books in the new school library for the third time. I have helped recatalogue all the books in the reading scheme again (also for the third time, I think). I have shifted furniture and spent a great deal of time covered in dust.

I have also spent more time filling in forms. No wonder I am tired. Form filling is one of the most soul destroying activities known to man, and explains why many people who are forced to work in the public sector become increasingly grey and dispirited as the months and years tick by.  It also explains why some people just go postal, stuff the forms into their superior’s gaping mouth and run off to the hills screaming.

I have found time to eat cake – and I will again.  It is not all furniture removal and forms.

I have also managed to get all children to all lessons in the right order with the right amount of stuff, and the correct amount of money.  I am quite proud of this.

Another thing I am proud of is that I am, despite the weariness of my bones, cooking real food when I get home.  I bought a copy of Anjum’s New Indian cookery book a few months ago from a charity shop.  I have finally managed to organise myself sufficiently to start cooking from it. We are all confirmed curry enthusiasts in this house, so this move is proving popular.

So far I have made the Punjabi chicken curry, the Goan red curry and the green meatball curry.  They have all been good. The book is full of dishes from different areas of India as well as fusion food. It makes a change from the regular favourites and she doesn’t use a lot of oil or fat in her cooking, so I am telling myself it is more healthy.  I am also telling myself it’s good for my cold. There’s nothing like a decent curry to clear your head.

We’re having Indian style shepherd’s pie from the book tonight. I shall report back.


One response to “mid week brain dump

  1. Ooh, ooh, I have that cookbook too! I regularly make the Chicken with Spinach one (on page 94) and the Chicken and Potato Stew (page 104) – both easy as anything (tip – get readymade garlic paste and ginger paste in jars, saves an enormous amount of faff, and for the stew I use chicken breasts and a bag of readymade chicken stock from Sainsburys). I’ve decided I’m next going to do her Roganjosh (p.116) but with chicken or possibly beef (I don’t like lamb). I’ve also made a couple of the fish/prawn curries from that book but, lovely though they are, the flavours are a bit delicate. Will be very interested to hear what the shepherd’s pie is like.

    I also got Rick Stein’s Indian cookery book for Xmas and need to start having a go at some of those recipes too.

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