whinging and moaning

The weekend did not go entirely to plan.

Thanks to an evil migraine I spent from 3.00 on Saturday morning until late on Saturday night throwing up into a bowl with bouts of intermittent moaning in between.

There wasn’t as much moaning as I would have liked, due to the fact that it hurt to moan, and the best thing to do was find a very still place and stay there for as long as possible before the next bout of vomiting hit me.

It was particularly horrible, I think, due to the enormous quantities of high quality snot that my body seems to be capable of manufacturing during this tremendously exciting head cold that I am still nursing. I am feeling particularly blessed right now.

Sunday was a relief in that I had no head pain. I did however, still manage to have a full on cold, and feel utterly hung over and run over by the aftermath of the migraine.  Mostly I spent Sunday wrapped up on the sofa drinking lemonade, reading Bringing Up The Bodies and watching The Bridge and Sherlock (oh my!). These things saved me from feeling utterly miserable.

I am still coughing, wheezing and snotting for England. I am still slightly deaf, my chest is a bit stomped on, and everything tastes a bit odd.

I look like shit.

I look like shit, and my hair is going absolutely mental, possibly due to freak weather conditions, possibly due to mice. I do not know. I just know that it is not helping the whole looking like shit thing at all.

At the moment I look like Alice Cooper’s grandmother.

This is not a look I am fond of.

There is not the remotest possibility that I will be able to style this out.


Today I have lots of things to do including filling out forms for the tax office for myself, which makes a change; taking Tallulah for her singing lesson and taking Oscar for his first swimming lesson in two years. I am already praying that he has become more buoyant and will spend the majority of his time on the surface of the water rather than sitting on the bottom of the pool.  He was quite cheerful on the bottom of the pool it has to be said, it was just a bit tricky to teach him anything from down there.


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