As you can tell, from previous posts, it has been a week of administration, form filling and vague attempts on my part to be efficient.

I had a feeling that were I to leap into the New Year with some semblance of efficiency, that perhaps things would get easier in future.

I have found, this week, that this is a nonsense.  It still holds true that the more you do, the more extra stuff rocks up and knocks on your door, grinning and telling you that they’ve heard on the grapevine that you’re just the sort of woman to get things done, and they know you’ve got a free hour or so to spend doing X or Y.

Forms engender more forms, work engenders more work, and so it goes.

I am going to revert to idle gittishness pronto.

In the meantime here is the news:

My garden is nearly finished.  When I say nearly, we have no plants as yet, and the frost we are having means the small amount of turf we have ordered will have to wait until more clement weather to go down.

Planting is something we need to rectify in the coming months. I am turning into a plant bore. I carry round the Sarah Raven catalogue in my handbag and am to be found pondering aloud if I can grow clematis, rambling roses and winter flowering jasmine mixed together.

What with that and my love of the Archers, I am turning into a parody.

Tallulah found her school shoes. As predicted by me, they were in the shoe rack. I am glad I didn’t attempt to find them for her, death would have been the only honourable way out.

I have a stinking cold, as do Oscar and Tallulah.  It is not bad enough to merit time off for any of us.  It is just bad enough to make everything rather hard work. Our noses are blocked, our throats are sore, we shout ‘Hein? Quoi?’ because we cannot hear a bloody thing.  Everything tastes funny.  We are all tired and scratchy.  It is a joy. An absolute joy.

Derek’s new hobby is trying to climb through gaps in the decking so that she can get stuck underneath and spend hours calling piteously for help. This is a game that will run and run. Hoorah!

I went to see the second part of Wolf Hall (Bringing up the Bodies) last night with Andrea. It was just as brilliant as the first part. Ben Miles was perfectly cast as Thomas Cromwell. His acting was a real tour de force.  He is fascinating to me in that he is quite a still actor, and yet there is such range and emotion in what he does.  Everything is conveyed with a raised eyebrow, or a twitch of the mouth and he never misses a beat. It was beautiful to watch.



2 responses to “Addendum

  1. I love the Archers, but haven’t yet done anything with deciding on my planting this year ;(

  2. If you want roses, I recommend buying from Peter Beales, They have an enormous range (1000+ varieties), including lots of old roses that you’ll never find in a garden centre. IME their roses are good; certainly they do better for me than anyone else’s. And now is a good time to buy as you will get bare root roses (wider range, easier to ship) which are only available Nov-March and can therefore be planted now and be off growing come Spring.
    PS. David Austin will tell you they’re the best but I’ve only ever been disappointed in their roses; they’ve never done well for me.

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