I have done some things. Where is my medal?

I’m glad I didn’t make any resolutions to lose weight.

There is still enough food in this house left over from Christmas to choke an ox with, and I have no willpower.  This was viscerally brought home to me today when my lovely, NOM NOM salted chocolate caramel bar thingy exploded in my bag, and rather than throw it away, I forensically picked all the foil off from around the goo and devoured almost the entire bar.



It is the most amazing salted caramel chocolate I have ever tasted.

More sigh.

Right, instead of indulging in chocolate based fantasies, let me tell you about the things wot I have done.

The children are back in school tomorrow. I went in this afternoon to attend a course.  This morning was a frenzy of post Christmas stuff that I really had to do and had just been ignoring in the hope that some of it would magically get done by people other than me.

It didn’t.

By doing some of these things I have acquired a sense of exhilarated capability and general feeling of control over my life.

I know this will not last, but I am basking for the moment.

I have:

Booked myself in at the hairdresser’s tomorrow for a cut and colour. Yay for starting 2014 looking slightly less old.

Booked Oscar in for a test to see which swimming class he will start next week. This has only taken me eight months to get round to. PROUD FACE.

Ordered some recycling bags from the City Council. I am ashamed to mention how long this has taken me. Basically ‘in a massive stage whisper’, nearly a year to get round to this.  My recycling efforts in this house have been woeful. It will be rectified with a hey and a ho and a fiddle de dee.

Taken Jason’s suits to the dry cleaner, and the menders.

Been to the supermarket and bought useful things like bread, and milk, and vegetables so that we don’t die of scurvy.

Taken books back to the library without incurring fines.

Taken a large bag of things to the charity shop.

Cooked a dinner, from scratch, with all the correct ingredients. No. It was not beans on toast. It was a curry. I even did all the grinding of the spices etc. Oh Yes.

Attended a course at school. I did not a) sit on the back row, b) senselessly doodle pictures of cats bums on things or c) have an I’ll get my coat moment.

Put together an agenda for Wednesday’s PTFA meeting.

This, I predict, will be the most efficient day of my entire 2014. I’m glad I’ve got it over with now, so I can slouch back into my usual lethargy/panic mentality and really make the most of it for the rest of the year.

3 responses to “I have done some things. Where is my medal?

  1. Woah there! Take it easy, old girl. 🙂

  2. Love this! You have inspired me, I too wish to feel efficient and capable 🙂

  3. Have you taken drugs of some sort?? if so then please name them ‘cos I am in need a something to shift me…………..

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