A Week Off

We are back from our Welsh sojourn.

It was lovely.

We stayed here, at East Jordeston Cottages, about three miles outside of Tenby.

This was the cottage/house we stayed in.

It was beautiful.  It was private, quiet and had everything we needed.  There were masses of pots and pans, of proper sizes, so you could actually cook real food. There were things like sharp knives, tea towels etc. Things that other places don’t really do very well, or in some cases, do at all.

Then there were the personal touches.

We didn’t arrive until late on in the afternoon.  The house was beautifully lit and welcoming. There was a slate propped by the front door with ‘Welcome to the Wheatleys’ written on it.  There were flowers in a jug on the table, champagne in a cooler, milk in the fridge, and a large box of splendid chocolate biscuits.

The log burner was laid and ready to go, with a full log basket. The heating was on and the house was toasty warm.  The owners were really helpful, and friendly, waiting until we had settled in to come and introduce themselves and make sure we had everything we needed and all our questions answered.

There were lots of lovely touches that made it very, very easy to get into holiday mood straight the way.

We loved it.

We did have wi-fi, but it was not a great download speed. I  could have blogged, to be fair, but I decided not to. I didn’t blog. I didn’t check emails.  I basically opted out of technology for a week, and extremely relaxing it was too.

We had a wonderful time.

We watched quite a lot of telly. The entire three seasons of Miranda, and the latest Sherlock kept me very happy.  We did a 1000 piece jigsaw which drove us all mental, but kept us busy in an old fashioned childhood sort of way. I read my ten books, which was excellent. We did a lot of napping.  We did an extraordinary amount of eating.

We explored the area in a desultory fashion during our week. Pembrokeshire is somewhere we’ve only ever passed through before, and it was nice to stop and look around.  It is a beautiful part of the world. I can see why it is so popular with tourists in the summer months.  It is crammed full of beautiful towns and villages, glorious castles, sandy beaches and lush countryside.

Most of the tourist attractions were shut, and the weather was fairly grim, which meant that scrambling around castle ruins in a howling gale with the rain pelting down wasn’t really very appealing, but we managed to enjoy ourselves pottering round the shops and galleries, eating lots of food, browsing bookshops and eating lots more food.

We particularly loved Tenby, St. Davids and Narberth.  Carew castle was pretty breathtaking, as was Manorbier castle.

I will blog more coherently at a later date, possibly with photos.  In the meantime I’m off to wrestle the christmas tree back into the loft (timely for us, I know!), hang the pictures I was given for Christmas, and get ready for a road trip tomorrow to visit friends. It is my job to bring biscuits. I am confident I can do this successfully.  There are not many things I am truly confident of, but this is definitely one of them.


2 responses to “A Week Off

  1. Welcome back, glad you had such a lovely relaxing week. Will write later in the week when you have had time to catch up with yourself 🙂


  2. looking forward to it. xx

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