The second day of Christmas festivities commenced along much the same lines as the first.

There has been a large amount of indolence, industrial quantities of food, and more gifts.

We moved ourselves over to granny’s house this afternoon so we could spread crumbs around someone else’s dining room.

Only the location changed.

The food has been uniformly delicious. The gifts have been, to a man, perfect – and we are all smug and overfed to the max.

The girls are now back with us, and we have spent the last few hours at home doing more eating, and packing for our holidays.

The clothes packing took no time at all. The issue was, for all of us, what books to take with us and what, out of necessity and worry for the suspension on the car, must be left behind.

In the end, I am taking only two actual books. I am however, commandeering the  Kindle, which now has three hundred and twenty books on it, five of them added in the Kindle sale today.  I hope to work my way through at least ten books whilst on holiday.  I believe this is entirely possible, as I plan to do very little else but read, and eat, and I can eat and read at the same time.

Everyone else has a huge stack of books each, so if I get bored of the Kindle I can read their books instead.  Tilly has at least four in her pile that I would like to read. Jason has a couple that mildly interest me, and Oscar and Tallulah have a few each that I could happily read.  It is good to have eclectic tastes.

I also like browsing through the book shelves in holiday cottages.  It is always fascinating to see what people leave behind after their holidays are over. I have read some truly strange books from holiday cottage shelves, including one about a woman who went trekking in the Himalayas with a kayak.  The memory of this book has stayed with me for about twenty five years now. I’m not sure why it lingers where others fade, but there you go. I have a vivid recollection of her being nearly half drowned on a spectacularly unsuccessful part of her travels, and having to be rescued by natives, who warmed her up with yak’s butter tea and let her sleep in their yurt.

That alone has been responsible for putting me off of a life of adventuring forever.

I shall report back on my success or failure with the European book mountain.  In the meantime, tell me your best and worst Christmas presents, and let me know if you got any good books, won’t you?

I hope to blog while I am away. Apparently the cottage we are staying in has WiFi.  We shall see if it really Wi’s or Fi’s when we get there.


One response to “Adieu

  1. kindle sale, can’t believe I missed that! Happy reading

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