It’s all going well…

It has been a wonderful day.


No matter how much the aggravation in the run up to Christmas, I sometimes forget that when the Boos are left to do things their own way, nothing can go wrong.

Our earliest riser was Tallulah at quarter past eight this morning, which is an entirely respectable Christmas morning start.

By quarter to nine we were having our first breakfast, which for me consisted of pain au chocolate and strong coffee.

We unwrapped presents in a leisurely manner. There was no grabbing, no tantrums, no emotional melt downs and plenty of laughter.  Derek frisked amongst us, bewildered but keen, and there was minimal clean up as we do not do wrapping paper. Everything goes in pillow cases and the children draw things out like a lucky dip.

Everyone got what they asked for – and a bit more.

The most popular presents turned out to be fart machines and pretend pooh.

Who knew?

By the time everything had been put away and the children were dressed it was time for brunch.  This consisted of eggs Benedict, or for me, eggs royale (salmon instead of ham), Bucks fizz for me, and juice for everyone else.

We did all our traditional Christmas phone calls to make sure Santa had visited our nearest and dearest and it was lovely to hear their voices.

Then there was an hour to finally break into the Christmas chocolate, start the latest book or play with toys until the girls’ dad arrived to take them away for their second Christmas.

After that, Jason and the boy played on the X Box and I spent a few hours dozing on the sofa with a glass of fizz and a book before our friend Lee came round to share Christmas dinner with us.

We’re having the usual, low maintenance roast beef with a peppercorn crust and all the trimmings. It’s easy to prepare and universally adored.

We are having raspberry Eton mess for dessert, after which I may go into a small diabetic coma.

Should we survive this, once the boy is in bed we have the Simon Pegg film The World’s End to watch before rolling into bed to start all over again at granny’s house tomorrow.

It’s all pretty perfect.

I have been blessed.  I hope you have too.  Merry Christmas to you all.

2 responses to “It’s all going well…

  1. Sounds perfect! have a lovely Holiday too x

  2. Thank you Liz. I hope your Christmas break is turning out beautifully. x

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