More Garden Updates

I promised you a garden update.

Those of you who are my friends on Facebook will be bored rigid by this, as I am obsessively posting endless photos of my garden every time a piece of gravel moves, but for the rest of you, it might do if nothing decent is on telly tonight.

The garden is not finished, but it is not far off.

Here are the latest photos:



This is my wall of doors we have been going on about for months.  The gap in the middle with the posts will be a pergola framing the entrance to the children’s secret garden.


This is the side view with the man shed and the world’s most hideous hot tub. There will be long steps leading up to the hot tub eventually.



This is the other side of the garden.  The large boxes you can see on the decking are planters which will go either side of the herringbone path. They will have posts coming out of them and lights strung along them to the pergola.



These are the lights already strung by the side of the deck.  This area of the deck will be for eating. Eventually there will be a huge table and chairs so we can have parties and pretend we are in the South of France.

The other lights you can see will string along the bottom of the decking and just glow out into the night, doing not much but looking pretty.

Eventually I will also paint all the doors different colours and make them into more interesting things. I am thinking a TARDIS door is in order at the very least.

I am looking forward to a summer enjoying this garden, which, I know, will mean it will snow until at least August, when the torrential rain will take over, but a girl can dream.


2 responses to “More Garden Updates

  1. So THAT is what it is….a hideous hot tub……..I was worried that it was some sort of ‘special room’ that nobody spoke of………….and a tardis door is a very good idea.

  2. It really needs hiding…

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