The children’s lovely Nanna Megs treated us to tickets to see the latest touring production of Cats when she was here.

The performance was yesterday, in Oxford.

We were all meant to go, but Jason was properly poorly and was not able to come with us.

We were all rather disappointed that he couldn’t come.  We were looking forward to a family day out, but not one where one of us kept coughing his lungs up and couldn’t stop shivering.  We decided it wouldn’t be fair to make him suffer, and left him tucked up on the sofa with a supply of Lemsip and some Kleenex Balsam.

I have been to see Cats before, a few times.  Tilly went once when she was very small and couldn’t remember very much about it, and the other two had never been.  They were very excited.  Oscar was slightly confused as to what it was all about, and the more we explained it, the more confused he got, so we let it be a lovely surprise for him.

I’m not sure now if he really understood what was going on, but he was terribly impressed by some on stage explosions and did quite a lot of dancing in his seat, so all was well.

I was slightly apprehensive.  Not about the play, but more about going into Oxford on the last Saturday before Christmas.  I imagined it would be fairly hellish and had made contingency plans for if the traffic/parking got too awful.

As it was, the whole thing went completely smoothly from start to finish.  The traffic wasn’t too bad on the way down, there were spaces at the park and ride, and a bus was waiting when we got there.

The bus dropped us outside the theatre, which couldn’t have been more perfect.

We had time to eat lunch, and found a restaurant next to the theatre called Cleaver, which was like an upmarket version of Nandos. The food was excellent. The service was excellent, and the staff were as excited as the children that they were going to the theatre and made sure we were on time.  As we were leaving the chap who was looking after us told us the place had only been open for five days.  I think they were doing very well for a new venture. I’d happily go again.


I was excited by this time because everything was going smoothly, and the coffee was excellent, as was the San Pellegrino which they served in a frosted glass alongside my coffee.  It’s the simple things that make me very happy.  Add to that a generous portion of vanilla cheesecake with amazing chocolate sauce and I was practically purring.


We walked out of the restaurant, straight into the theatre and that was that.

The only fly in the ointment was a horrendously irritating child who was in the row in front of us, who could not sit still, despite being old enough to know better.  We did have to have words when she blocked Tilly’s view for the sixth time and her mother didn’t do anything about it.  After that, things were much more tolerable.

The production was really strong, and the children absolutely loved it.

Top marks Nanna.  Thank you very much.

Afterwards, we found the bus stop, popped to the next door supermarket to grab a drink, and had just got back to the bus stop when the bus pulled up.

With a straightforward run home, it could not have been easier.


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