I did not have to set my alarm today.

I did not have to go anywhere today.

This has been quite exciting.

For me, this is the beginning of the holidays.

The children and I had a lovely day out yesterday, but for me it was a question of more running, more organising and more stuff to think about – even though it was nice stuff to think about, and I have just overloaded with stuff to think about in the last few weeks, so today has been a pleasure.

Even though, and this might sound a bit weird, even though we have spent most of it cleaning, and sorting out laundry, and making beds, and tidying humungous piles of crap that have built up over the last few weeks of benign neglect.

I feel ready for Christmas now.  My tree is not up, my joint of beef has not been delivered, but even so, I have much smoked salmon, a great many chocolate oranges and a house I would not be ashamed to let people visit, and all my chores are done.

I slept in until ten thirty this morning.  I finished my book while I was eating my breakfast. We did not eat lunch until half past three, because we were quite happy, pottering around.  We have slowed down to holiday time, and I like it very, very much.

I feel that I can now, genuinely wish people Merry Christmas without wanting to break down in tears, or stab people who are brim full of festive spirit.


One response to “And…Relax

  1. Envy. I love the times when I can enjoy the lights and the snow out the window and feel buoyed up by Christmas. I haven’t gotten there yet this year. Maybe tomorrow!

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