Crimbletastic Countdown Continues

One more day to go, and as predicted earlier in the week, I am back to surviving on coffee and sugar.

It means I am wild of eye, and in that nasty druggy state where what I want most in the world is to go to sleep BUT I CAN’T – because I am a bit wired.

Happy days.

I am also getting by on bullet points.

The garden is shaping up.  It will not be finished tomorrow. I am not too worried about this to be honest.  They will finish it eventually and it will be good. I am still happy with it.  I will post pictures at some point in the next few days.

Jason has a cold. A proper stinker. He is currently shivering with a high temperature, wrapped up in blankets with Lemsip and crap telly.  He is very, very sad.  *Woe face*.

I am doing my usual ricocheting between being sympathetic, because he is obviously poorly, and being annoyed because he’s making such a fuss about it.  I wouldn’t mind if he hadn’t suffered all day without thinking to take paracetamol to bring his temperature down.  He is almost phobic about taking medication, and unlike the cat, I cannot wrap him in a blanket and force it down him.  In the end I did a bit of mild shouting, and he grudgingly sipped his Lemsip.  Hopefully this will help.

And the shouting certainly made me feel better.

Christmas dinner at school was the day when I got custard on my santa hat bobble and smacked myself in the eye with it.  It was comedy gold. If only I had also skidded on the custard that I was trying to clear up as well, I probably would have won a BAFTA.

It turns out that custard, applied in a thin layer and left to harden, is almost as good as Botox for getting wrinkles out of recalcitrant skin.

My house is groaning with food, none of which we have eaten yet, because we have spent our entire week at granny’s house so far, or in dentist’s surgeries, or optician’s waiting rooms or at carol concerts.  I am Christmassed up baby.   It is the shared table at school tomorrow and I am taking cheese. I always choose cheese because it gives me an excuse to buy more of it – and I get to take home the leftovers and fall into a cheese coma.

We have organised a holiday.  We have been talking about this for weeks and weeks.  We were going to go, then we weren’t going to go, then we were. Then our original plans fell through and we weren’t. We had decided to postpone things until Easter. Then we had a piece of good luck this weekend which meant that holidays were go again.  We are off to Pembrokeshire next Friday for a week.  We are very excited.

I shall be taking my leftover cheese, a pair of warm pyjamas and a stack of books as tall as myself.



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