Dance hall days

Oscar is incredibly excitable this week.

Christmas is too near for him to think straight, and there are many small boy treats on the horizon, which means that on a positive note, there is much less whinging at our early starts.

On a negative note, it is like living with an over enthusiastic labrador – one with toothpaste in his hair and a penchant for wiggling his eyebrows.

Today he was flicking cornflakes around with gay abandon. I exhorted him to sit still.  He said;

‘But mama! I can barely eat (an out and out lie) because I am just soooo excited about going to the pantomime today.’

Times this by one hundred and imagine the day I am about to embark upon.

Yesterday he was bouncing up and down like some mad punk pogo child saying:

‘Mama! Mama! Do you know what my teacher said about Friday?’


‘She said! She said! She said that in the morning we would watch films ALL THE TIME.  Then she said that after break we would DANCE OUR SOCKS OFF.  Then she said that after lunch we would have a party and EAT OUR HEADS OFF.’

He paused and thoughtfully said:

‘…but I am not really going to eat my head off.’

I said:

‘But are you going to dance your socks off?’

To which he nodded enthusiastically:

‘Oh yeah!’

2 responses to “Dance hall days

  1. That kind of enthusiasm is so wonderful. I have a lovely image of Oscar dancing away with his socks spinning off into the far corners.

  2. He is exactly that kind of a dancer!

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