Tea Dance – It’s as simple as ABC…

It was the last of our nativity plays today.  I do not think I shall miss serving mince pies and making terrible cups of tea.  When I grow up I do not want to be a tea lady.  My friend Nicki commented today that I am like Mrs. Overall in the tea making department.

She is not wrong.

Everyone else seems able to work the PTFA teapot without incident.  The minute I go near it, it starts springing a leak and filling my shoes.  Poor Mrs. Cobley had to mop the entire surface of the kitchen serving hatch after I had attempted to pour two cups of tea.

People donated lots of money to our tea fund. I think a lot of it was in sympathy with me.  Maybe they’re hoping we’ll be able to spring for either a new tea pot or a new person to serve it next year.  Both would be nice.

Some kind of fembot possibly.

As well as the last of our nativity plays, today was the day of our school discos.

Every time we host a disco, we actually host two, one for the infant children and one for the juniors. That way we cut down on injuries and upset, as the older children tend to knock down the younger ones when exuberant dancing begins.  Much better to separate them.  You can imagine that it is quite a job to organise them, and even more work for the beleaguered  DJ who has to do two sets, both of which usually involve Gangnam style.

This Christmas, our usual disco man was already busy on the night we wanted to put on our discos, so we did a bit of research and found ABC Sounds, who are based in Bedworth, which, luckily for us, is not too far from where the school is.  Also luckily for us, Nicki knows the people who run it, and they were willing to brave the perils of a school for us.

Simon, who was our DJ, was fantastic.  He was so fantastic, that rather than going to bed in my clothes, which is what I would quite like to do, as I am so utterly weary, I am telling you about Simon and his amazing disco skills instead, because it simply will not wait until morning.

One of the problems with putting events on in a school is that they inevitably look like they are put on in a school, and if school is not your favourite place, or you regard it as the place you work, this can take the shine off of events for you.  It is rather hard to make them not look like a school without a vast budget and an army of helpers.

Simon, with his spectacular selection of lights and sparkliness properly transformed our school hall into a rather magical place that even got me busting a few moves.  In fact I could see quite a few parents doing a bit of spontaneous dancing when they thought nobody was looking.

The children loved it. We loved it. The service was utterly professional, very courteous and extremely friendly.

I am linking to their Facebook page here, and if you are local and you read this I urge you to consider hiring them for any event you might be considering, because if you can weather two children’s Christmas discos in quick succession and keep your head when all about are losing theirs, you are a veritable treasure and should be encouraged at every turn.


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