The Play’s the thing

It was the infants nativity play yesterday.

As well as providing refreshments and mince pies to the masses, it was my turn to be a devoted mama and watch Oscar doing his bit.

This year he was a narrator. He was quite happy with that role, unlike the year in nursery he got cast as a shepherd and refused to go on, preferring to howl in the corridor shouting: ‘But I are just Oscar!’

I was very proud of him.  He looked rather splendid and only had to be prompted once.

I enjoyed the rest of the play for, as usual, all the wrong reasons.

The shepherds are always a highlight for me.  They seem to be cursed.  Last year there was a furore when all their crooks got tangled together while they were doing their dance, and things ended up more of a mosh pit than a bucolic pastoral country dance.

This year the crooks were out, which I thought was a marvellous decision.  No crooks = much less chance us having to call for a first aider, and possibly scoop in any dangling eyes with warm teaspoons.

Instead we went for a River Dance theme for the shepherds.  This is not easy when festooned in tea towels, with slipping head bands and small boys who are effectively wearing long dresses.

Things did not go entirely to plan, and I was mildly, and entirely pleasantly, hysterical throughout.

I don’t think Michael Flatley has too much to worry about.

The next best bit for me was when the donkey and one of the sheep got into a small fist fight because they each felt the other had been given the prime spot on the side of the stage and were prepared to duke it out over who got to sit there. When it got to the point where they were taking their headdresses off, all the better to wallop each other, the headmistress had to intervene.

After this, all went swimmingly until the end, when the final number got rather enthusiastic and Joseph accidentally pushed the manger, full of baby Cheezus off the stage.


Still, our Lord was saved and the play was triumphant.


5 responses to “The Play’s the thing

  1. This brings back memories of when my three were small. Lovely!

  2. Sounds perfect xx lol xx love a gd few mishaps but this sounds epic

  3. Crook removal sounds like proactive management to me. I enjoy school music programs in the same way. I always clap and smile at the kids. But I also crack up at all the terribleness. We went to the middle school 6th grade orchestra and band concert Tues evening. The woodwinds were so mournful and not-so-in-tune. I thought they sounded like a melancholy whale. Our kid does percussion and she banged along in time as far as I could tell.

  4. Sounds like good fun; one of my favourite nativity plays was the one in which my youngest and her best friend were playing the angels and spent most of their time picking their noses.

  5. Nose picking angels work well.

    Melancholy whales – what a marvellous image.

    Diane – it was epic

    Booketta – the infants one is always the best

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