Being jolly – I’m trying it out

Reasons to be cheerful part eleventy

My headache finally disappeared. It took until mid afternoon but it has now gone.

We made £1400 in profit at the Christmas Fair on Saturday. This is most pleasing for all concerned. Go us!

I have managed to eat more healthily. I already feel a bit better. It might be because my head doesn’t hurt anymore, but I am attributing it to better food because that will make me want to carry on with it a bit longer.

I went to Pilates. I feel better for that too.  I don’t know why I don’t hate it.  I am rubbish at it. I am graceless and lumpen and unable to do anything which involves complicated ‘left’ ‘right’ instructions, but I do enjoy it, and I find it strangely relaxing.  Which is also unusual. I do not do relaxing unless I am reading a book.

There were a few jobs I really didn’t want to do today. I did them, and they turned out to be alright. This is always a relief.

There are only nine days of school left. I am on count down.  I am excited about being able to turn the alarm clock off for a fortnight.

Tallulah’s singing lesson was cancelled because her teacher is ill. I am sorry that her teacher is ill, but I was delighted it was cancelled, and her religious instruction lessons are now over until February. This meant we actually got home while it was still light.  This is a novelty for us.

I ticked off a few more Christmas related chores. Crackers are now bought. Parcels are now posted. Fa la la la la.

The framework for the decking is now down in the garden. It is a ruddy huge deck.  We will be able to land planes on it, and when we are not practicing our aviation skills we can roller skate.



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