I am still here – despite the pessimistic tendencies

I survived.

Tallulah has been officially shriven, and I would say that her soul is now as white as the driven snow, were it not for the fact that she came out of the confessional and licked her brother’s biscuit before handing it back to him.

Second confession is not far off methinks.

The Christmas Fair is now OVER.

I woke up with my migraine back in full force, and by lunch time I had to leave the hall, drive to the chemist and pick up a bucket of Migraleve. This, with chips and hot chocolate was the only thing standing between me and throwing up all over Santa’s grotto.

It was a kill or cure thing.

Luckily, cure won.

The Fair went really well. We had a fantastic team of helpers and everyone worked together to make it a really fun, happy, successful event.

We are not sure yet how much we raised, but it is safe to say that it is a lot more than I would have predicted yesterday, and enough to make the whole thing worth doing.

There is nothing witty or wise to say.  I am going to crawl into my pyjamas, eat biscuits and stare into the bottom of a wine bottle.


2 responses to “I am still here – despite the pessimistic tendencies

  1. Congrats on surviving the day! Enjoy the wine, comfy jammies and biscuits.

  2. Hope you are feeling much better very soon

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