Prize Winning Pyjamas

A few weeks ago, I entered a draw on one of my favourite fashion blogs, I Am Into This in an attempt to win a pair of the most luscious looking pyjamas by Hush.

I hardly ever win anything, but as it didn’t require me to do anything too complicated and I was feeling rather devil may care, I went for it.

The other reason I was in it to win it? I blinking’ love pyjamas.  I would love, truly and honestly, to be able to wear pyjamas all day and every day. I love it when I have a working from home day.  I genuinely don’t get dressed all day long. It’s fabulous.

Time passed.

Then I found I had won!

How thrilled was I?

If you are on my Facebook or Twitter feed you will know exactly how thrilled I was, because I didn’t shut up about it for about a fortnight.

I got to choose which pattern I wanted, which is not as easy as it sounds.  In the end I plumped for this particular styling.



You can see the pattern in more detail by clicking on the link here.

They arrived yesterday and I love them.  I love the fabulous brown cardboard box they come in (I’m a bit of a nutter for brown paper packages etc – blame Julie Andrews).  I loved the bag they came in, which is the same pattern as the pjs, and I love, love, the pjs themselves.  They’re brushed cotton, or what in my day they used to call winceyette.

They feel like heaven.

Here I am posing about on my landing wearing them.



I don’t look as sleek and glamorous as the model, but I bet I enjoyed wearing mine more, and what’s even better is that I got to keep mine and go to bed in them.

Which made for a top sleep experience.

Ten out of ten.

Thank you Sam and Teresa at I Am Into This, and thanks to Hush for making fabulous pyjamas.

Thank you to me for winning them.

3 responses to “Prize Winning Pyjamas

  1. Pyjamas!? Just say “NO”. 😉

  2. you totally look like the model in them pyjamas.

  3. Pyjamas are ace Sir.

    Janice – why thank you. You may visit again!

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