Oscar attempts to put his foot on the property ladder

Oscar’s Christmas list is getting a little out of control.

At the weekend we went looking for garden sheds, as you know.

While perusing a veritable cornucopia of sheds, we found a corner dedicated to Wendy houses.

I don’t think the term Wendy house really does them justice, frankly.

They were way more glamorous than that.

Even Jason and I were a bit entranced.

Oscar, naturally, fell head over heels in love with the the most expensive house on the lot.

Hoppity House.

You can check it out here

It’s a kind of super posh two up two down with stairs and everything.

We had to drag him away from it, and when we got home he carefully checked how to spell it and then added it to his Christmas list.

I explained that it was extremely unlikely that he would get it this year (or in fact any year until he has a job and can pay for it himself).  He is not yet attuned to the finer nuances of grown up speak that lets him know that using the word unlikely is merely a kindness – the subtext being – never in a month of Sundays.

On the way to school yesterday he was explaining how amazing the house was to Tallulah, who had been out having a social life while we were looking at sheds.

Again I interrupted his raptures and used the word ‘unlikely’ in a sympathetic yet final manner.

He nodded as we got out of the car and started walking towards school. I hoped he had finally understood.

Then he said: ‘Of course. If I get Hoppity House for Christmas I will just have to accept that there will be no other presents this year.’

‘Or any other year’ I muttered under my breath.

I think I’ll just have to tell him that Santa can’t squeeze it down the chimney.


2 responses to “Oscar attempts to put his foot on the property ladder

  1. I’m very sorry that your son has fallen in love with a very expensive ‘thing’. I remember many Christmases filled with dissapointment because my family was pretty poor and I didn’t know any better. I will hope that he falls for something more attainable between now and Christmas. Good luck!

  2. A Hoppity House is now going on my list for Santa too – with full awareness that I am Santa in this house and no matter how I finagle the finances we can’t afford it, but it is most needful and loverly.

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