Some people still get very upset about people who use social media and the dangers thereof, despite the fact that it has been going on for bloody ages now and we are still no nearer Sodom and Gomorrah.

I have heard talk of how it is eroding the fabric of society, causing us all to grow two heads, making it so that we are illiterate, dribbling text monkeys, and possibly heralding the arrival of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and a man called Neville…

…as well as causing unspeakable sexual depravity in anyone who comes within a ten mile radius of Twitter.

I must be one of the lucky ones.

Or maybe I was just completely depraved before I started.

For me, social media and my use of it to talk about my life has been an almost universally positive experience.

It has given me some amazing opportunities, some fantastic friends and connections with ideas and general ‘stuff’ I’d have never come across otherwise.  In the nearly seven years I have been using social media my life has been enriched immeasurably by it.

It can be something really simple, like a friend who was a blogger, and who is now more of a tweeter, sharing a link for this wonderful piece of music:

Pharrell Williams’ music is not generally my thing – but I trust my friend’s recommendations, so I clicked on the link, and voila.

I loved the song.

It was also fascinating because of the 24 hour video project that accompanies it, in which ordinary people dance, and mime to the song for an entire twenty four hours, one after the other. It’s kind of mesmerising and wonderful, and a little compulsive to watch.  It’s clever and quirky, and although it’s not going to change my life for the better or solve world peace, it actually did make me happy.

Something that makes you happy is a pretty good thing, no?

Then yesterday, the boy, the man and I went out for lunch at our new cafe of choice, Salvador Deli, just up the road.

It was heaving with people, and we ended up sharing a table with a very nice couple who didn’t mind us invading their lunch time privacy.

We ended up talking for ages after discovering that Mark was a blogger.

Meeting a fellow blogger is a bit like meeting someone it turns out you’re related to, or someone who happens to be good friends with a lot of people you know. It’s great.

Mark has a proper blog, unlike mine, which is merely a collection of random musings thrown onto the page to stop my brain exploding.

Mark blogs about jazz.

You can visit his blog here.

I confess to not really understanding jazz.  I have dabbled in the past, but never been convinced it was for me, but like many things I don’t get the first time around, I keep trying every now and again, because you never know, as with Pharrell, when something is just going to speak to you and give you an in into a world which suddenly blossoms for you, where before it remained stubbornly shut.

I do understand people who are passionate about what they do and what interests them.  I totally get that, and Mark is one of those people – and that means I will be visiting his blog every now and again, just to see if that one time I can actually get what it is that fires his passion for jazz.

We had such a delightful time meeting with Mark and his wife (who is equally interesting, and passionate about her own field – museum studies), that we are hoping to hook up with them again and share a table somewhere else, even if it’s only a virtual one.



7 responses to “Connections

  1. Small worlds…
    But you MUST (Daily Fail emphasis) listen to West End Blues by Louis Armstrong and then tell me if jazz is still a closed book (or broken record or corrupt CD or interrupted download).

  2. I promise I will. I do like Miles Davis Kind of Blue. Does that redeem me any?

  3. I am more of a blues-y jazz fan than straight jazz. I like to have a rhythm/ melody I can expect. Love BB King, Etta James, Buddy Guy, and edge into straight jazz with some of Oliver Jones. The Pharrell Jones video reminds me of the guy who travelled the world and made a video of himself dancing (badly, but with great joy) with people in each location. You probably remember him. He has a new video from 2012 where, among other locations, he went to Syria, North Korea, Edinburgh, Toronto, and Kabul!

  4. I listened, Tim. It was alright. Am I a lost cause?

  5. we had such a nice time meeting you and the little guy and “the man.”really, really looking forward to getting together at some future point.. soon!

    ummm, if you’re blog isn’t a proper blog i don’t know which blog where is proper!!

    if i could only have a few things to listen to and if they were only on youtube …

    // not really jazz per se but for total complete over the top exuberance!

    // miles runs the voodoo down (because miles d is m davis!)

    // nina simone (two songs for her!)

    // count basie w/frank sinatra (for tasteful exuberance)

  6. I clearly have too narrow an idea of what jazz is. I liked all of these!

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