The Dangers of War

Year Four are doing the topic of World War II at the moment.

I wandered down to the classroom yesterday morning to talk to my friend Nicki, who is the TA in that class.

As I opened the door I could hear the air raid siren going off and there was a flurry of activity as the children all dived under the desks.

Nicki was already under the desk.

‘Quick Mrs. Wheatley. It’s an air raid.  Come into my shelter.’

I needed no further invitation and promptly dived under the desk.

It was quite nice under there.

Nicki and I chatted about the thing I’d come to talk to her about – to take our mind off of the threat of the bombs – obviously.

Then we did a bit of singing: ‘Who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Hitler’ from Nicki, followed by ‘The white cliffs of Dover’ from me.

After a few minutes I noticed the sirens had stopped.

I said:

‘I think the all clear has sounded.’

We emerged from under the desks, relieved not to have been murdered in our beds by the damn Germans, only to give the poor teacher the fright of her life.

The all clear had been actually sounded quite some time ago, but we were so happy chatting away under the desk we had failed to notice.

In the meantime, the teacher had gone on with the lesson, thinking that Nicki and I had gone out of the room altogether, so when we popped up in front of her unexpectedly, she nearly had an aneurysm.

I’ve never had a war story to tell before. It’s nice to know now that I’ll have something to tell my grand children when they ask me what I did in the war.


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