Meat is a type of meat

We were listening to Lady Gaga and her ‘pa pa pa poker face’ in the car on the way to school.

When the song had finished, Tallulah turned to me thoughtfully and said:

‘I really think you should get a meat dress mama.’


‘But it would be great for your Christmas party. ‘

‘I’m not having a Christmas party.’

‘But if you had a meat dress, you’d need to have a Christmas party.’


‘But daddy would love it. Meat is one of his favourite things.’

Oscar was listening in the back, increasingly excited. He interjected.

‘Yeah! A meat dress would be epic.’


Tallulah said:

‘But dad would want to hug you all the time, and if you had a steak draped across your back he would find it too delicious to resist.’

Oscar said:

‘Yeah! Yeah! and he could eat sausages from a necklace off your chest.’

It’s the only thing they’ve agreed on all week.

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