Lump of coal for you…

It is getting festive isn’t it?


The one nice thing so far about the whole season has been the children giving me their Christmas lists.

We have explained to them that Santa is in slightly straitened circumstances again this year. Last year it was because we were saving for the house. This year it is because we have bought the house and now we’re about to embark on a massive garden renovation.

They have taken this to heart – with utter equanimity, and produced lists of such startling modesty that I am overcome at how lovely they are.

The children – not the lists.

Oscar’s as the list of the youngest child, is slightly less modest, as he has no more idea of what things cost than fly through the air, but he has done his best, and his eccentric spelling more than made up for things.

He would like, for example:

The last olimpeeon seedees.

but also:

The heros of alimpus seedees.

The olimpeeons live on alimpus you see?

Tallulah’s list is terrifyingly scant (which, in previous years, would have made me suspicious – but this year just confirms that she is actually growing into rather a lovely human bean), and the thing she covets most?

an electric pencil sharpener

Because: ‘I hate bending over the bin all the time mama, sharpening, sharpening, sharpening…’

It makes it sound like a Sisyphean task in which we add extra misery by making Derek flick her with tiny, burning whips.

Sadly, this is not the case.  It is merely that she is bone idle when it comes to pencils.


Well, Tilly’s heart’s desire is:

A Hufflepuff hat (preferably knitted by elves)

Her parentheses.

I’d best get on it then…

4 responses to “Lump of coal for you…

  1. What is a Hufflepuff hat and would one knitted by a decidedly un-elflish me be acceptable?

    Have woolies ready to go by the end of this week – includes assorted hats! Will write later xox

  2. I used to work at a local museum and at quiet times I’d keep myself busy sharpening all the colouring pencils from the colouring table. Sisyphean it certainly was and I gave myself actual squelchy blisters doing it. One of my colleagues was an ex-primary school teacher (not sure how many hyphens should be in that) and had brought her electric pencil sharpener in but I was scared of it. It was a bit enthusiastic and I was convinced it would eat my fingers given half a chance. So…. test-drive the pencil sharpener!

  3. Reading about you’n’yours is always bittersweet for me….the ‘bitter’ is being reminded about how I miss when my kids were little and still at home….the reading/talking/being together……..such happy days……and not much changes really…they still visit…we talk all the time……and no requests for weird/expensive things from my gal too this year…she wants ‘thermals’..The ‘sweet’ is that It is very plain to me that you really do appreciate and love your children and each and every day you share with them…and I remember that feeling and cherish being reminded of it.

  4. Ow, Peeriemoot, squishy blisters is not to be borne. I will try an electric pencil sharpener now for sure.

    Bless her. Thermals. How very sensible.

    Don’t worry about the hat. It’s in hand and I owe you a mail xx

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