Lest We Forget

Yesterday I was a helper when we took some of the classes from school to the war memorial in our town for the Remembrance Day service and two minute silence.

The children were really good, walking there and back in the rain, and standing for forty minutes in more rain.

One of the girls was holding my hand as we waited for the service to start.

She tugged on my hand, and I bent my head down to listen to her:

‘Mrs. Wheatley?’


‘Do you see that man over there?’


‘Is that Adolf Hitler?’

Big pause….

‘No. He couldn’t make it today.’

‘Oh. O.K.’


3 responses to “Lest We Forget

  1. Really?!wow bless her you just couldn’t make these things up!

  2. Maybe next year…

  3. true. We live in hope – or rather morbid fear and dread

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