Red Letter Day

Jason has been being an orc, somewhere near Barnsley this weekend.

We are very grateful that we don’t have to be orcs too. It is too cold, too wet and too much like winter for us to be orcs.  If we were ever to contemplate orciness, we would have to be fair weather orcs for sure.

Usually the children clamour to go with him on these expeditions, but not this weekend.

This weekend I proposed that we would have a duvet day.

The idea was met with universal acclaim.

I am so, so lucky that my children are growing up into the sort of people who this appeals to.  I feel blessed.

We went to bed late on Friday night, after Oscar had had his friend round and we all went out for a slap up feed at Pizza Express.

Saturday morning was bliss.  Tallulah woke at eight thirty, and took herself off downstairs to do stuff and things quietly.  I woke up at nine.

When I got downstairs, Tallulah and I had a brief hug and rendezvous to make sure we were both alright and didn’t need anything.  Then she scuttled off to do her thing, and I ensconced myself on the sofa with my duvet, a pot of coffee and a stack of books.

We conversed, desultorily every now and again, and then ignored each other very beautifully the rest of the time.

At 12.45 Oscar and Tilly staggered downstairs looking slightly shell shocked, but happy.

We had lunch, which consisted mainly of foraging for foodstuffs that were easy to prepare and eat.

Then we all went our separate ways to amuse ourselves however we saw fit.

We converged again at tea time, and again at bed time, but other than that we inhabited the house peacefully and happily all day without really interfering with each other.

There were no raised voices, no cross words, nothing to mar the bliss that was about as perfect a day as you could wish for.


4 responses to “Red Letter Day

  1. a “duvet day” excellent… i shall remember to call it that instead of
    “being lazy” next time i want to snuggle in bed and read and watch old episodes of Doctor Who, instead of going out and about.

  2. Really wow do those kind of days exist what about washing ,ironing,cooking cleaning shopping hoe do U block all these out and as for mammoth lie in how??!am insanely jealous but happy for you all.know you work hard most days and probably needed this xx

  3. Diane, there is always washing, cooking, cleaning etc. It’s not like if you do it one day, it doesn’t come up the next, right? So, just for a day, I don’t do it. Any of it. The children all help prepare the food and we eat things like sandwiches or toast or cereal, which they can all do themselves. We put the dish washer on at the end of the day. That’s it. It’s all still there tomorrow, but we take 24 hours away from it all, because we can. Easy to block out, specially if you’ve got a good book!

    As for the lie in, if they wake up before me, they get themselves up, feed themselves, and entertain themselves until I’m awake. I’ve trained them! xx

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