That was the week that was, again

Well, my intention to do more blogging and more communicating in general over half term didn’t entirely go to plan did it?

I should remember to under promise and over perform.


Half term must be dealt with summarily:

We ate lots of food – we went out every day

We saw lots of people.

We had Nana as our house guest.

I Shakespeared three times – Once to see the NT Live reshowing of Hamlet starring Rory Kinnear. So good I saw it live and then again on film.  Then to see Joss Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing. Rather lovely – then to see David Tennant as Richard II live on stage in Stratford.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I was also booked to see The Beauty Queen of Leenane, a play by epic playwright Martin McDonagh – who I rate very highly.  I accidentally double booked this with Oscar’s birthday bash, and Oscar won.  I have rebooked to see the play next week. Phew…

There was a whacking great Halloween party. It was a monster.  I arrived with three bottles of wine, one bottle of spirits, eight litres of coke, four carved pumpkins, a slow cooker full of chilli and a lot of face paint. I am glad I wasn’t stopped by the police on the way there.  There would have been some explaining to do.

We danced until two in the morning.  My hips have not recovered. I cannot believe that I used to do that three times a week at one point in my life. To attempt it now would mean certain death.

I was a vampire bee.


Here I am, flying across my bedroom.

Our friend Rob won scariest costume hands down.  Nicki, his wife, tells me that I need to devote a whole blog post to the costume.

Frankly I am still mulling it over.  There are not enough words – I might have to do it as a Jackie style photo shoot with a  variety of facial expressions to sum up everything about the costume fully.

The week went by in a flash.

I feel like I’ve just arrived, saying: ‘I’m ready for my holiday now,’ only to find everyone else has been and gone and come back again, and I’m standing like an idiot with my sun glasses and a beach towel – in the snow.

And now the last slog up to Christmas – eight, long weeks of term to get through with dark, dark afternoons now that the clocks have changed – and lots of enforced joviality looming on the horizon.


4 responses to “That was the week that was, again

  1. Oh look. It’s the Wasp in a Wig. 🙂

  2. Very fun costume! How terrific that you were out dancing late – I haven’t done that in ooh many years. All of the shakespeare sounds lovely. More details on DT, please 🙂

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