Crap excuses part million

In between ferrying children around, cleaning the house, stripping beds, doing laundry, taunting the cat and buying hot pink paint for my downstairs toilet ceiling (I feel like it – Habitat Cerise – very pink), I have been trying to sort out my email inbox and my paperwork, and all the other things I habitually try to do at least once a week, and usually fail at.

I realise that I am very bad these days at responding to your comments on the blog. I used to reply to each and every one promptly, and now I find there are several weeks worth of things all waiting for a reply, some of which are now made redundant by subsequent posts.

I am sorry I am being so rubbish at this, but please bear with me. I will try to rearrange, Tetris like, the sheer number of things that consume my days, and make more time to recognise that you have made time for me.

I do read all the responses. I just don’t get round to replying to them.  I think; ‘I will do that later’, and later comes to find me slumped, snoring across the keyboard, or building scale models of Chartres cathedral out of matchsticks for homework projects, or all the other stuff and things.

It is now half term, because Leicestershire is weird, and we do our holidays differently than everyone else in the land.

In theory this means I will have more time to do things like write, and read and keep up to date.  In practice something will happen that will mean I will be even further behind.

A meteor may land in the back garden.

We could be eaten by bears.

Forty seven close relatives may pop by for tea.

All of the above.

We do have Nana staying with us from Canada for the week.  We also have Oscar’s birthday party, and a Halloween party, and I have a gigantic, wibbling stack of books that all need to be read for various things, which I have also been putting off until they are extremely urgent.

So that’s a start.

I’m just scanning the skies now for the impending meteor.

4 responses to “Crap excuses part million

  1. There are meteor showers forecast for tonight in Canada. So, hopefully none of those land, but if they do, it is likely not going to be in your garden :). Belated Happy Birthday to Oscar. I hope he enjoys the party/parties and you are not overrun with small children without the compensations of good cake and fun costumes.

  2. We’ve just painted our downstairs loo strawberry pink. I am now trying to convince the other half to let me buy pistachio towels and a chocolate brown mat so I can pretend I have my own miniature icecream parlour.

    I think that half term is more than a good enough reason not to get round to answering comments. It’s all the bedlam of a usual school holiday crammed into one week.

  3. Speaking as another slumped, snoring across the keyboard person, It is a delightful bonus if you do respond to postings, but I reelly, reelly, don’t expect you to. Honest (and hugs)! And as I may have commented afore, you can get some surprisingly good quality kip in front of a pc…

  4. General failure of life stuff over here too

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