Happy Birthday Oscar

It was Oscar’s birthday yesterday, and a migraine for me meant that I was mostly too poorly to celebrate with him.

We did manage a small birthday tea at granny’s house, and I was well enough to take him to the school disco in the evening where he ran about like a loon and danced to Gangnam Style – so it wasn’t all deep gloom.

But his birthday post has had to wait until today.

Jason and I were reflecting yesterday how seven years ago he was holding a small, grouchy bundle wearing an atrocious yellow hat in his arms whilst we were thinking simultaneously: ‘Look at this amazing human being that we have made – my heart is lost forever’ and ‘Fookinell! What have we done?’

It’s not much different now, except we’ve managed to ditch the terrible hat, and you’re nearly as tall as your sister.

You are growing up, my lovely boy, and I am utterly delighted at the way you are turning out.  You are kind, and you have a heart the size of the moon.  You are polite and thoughtful (when you want to be), and I love the fact that your dad is still your best friend in all the world and that you aren’t afraid to tell him so.

I do get sad that you are leaving babyhood behind now – even though you are and always will be my baby boy.

As a child grows up, there are still lingering traces of the baby they were; in gestures, or glances or rhythms of speech that give you a little window into their past and a snapshot reminder of what went before.  As they grow older, these fade away until you have to rely on the ghost of a memory instead.

We’re at that stage now. Very little remains now of the baby you were, and I miss that in you.

Instead we have the promise of the man you will become – and that’s an exciting prospect.

You make me laugh every day, intentionally and unintentionally.  The way you see and explain the world to me is fascinating, with your need for logic, which sits alongside your belief in the amazing and magical properties of just about everything.  I love the fact that you are such an orderly child and yet you live in a perpetual whirl of chaos. You cannot even eat a banana without making a mess. Watching you eat is a truly terrifying experience. At times like these, only a mother could love you. So it’s a good job I am your mother, and I love you with a fierceness beyond reason.

You sleep in a kind of animalistic nest, twirled up in the sheets like a hibernating hedgehog and yet everything in your mind has to be just so, neatly tucked and folded away with hospital corners to the fore. You are a child of such delightful contradictions. I cannot wait to see how you reconcile these things as you grow into the life you will make for yourself.

I was searching in my purse for something the other day and I came across a note you wrote me once.

It said:





I luve you so mutch.

I luve you.

I luve you.

I luve you.

I luve you.

Right back atcha boy.

Oscar, you have given me seven years of happiness by sharing your life with me and allowing me the great privilege of being your mama. I cannot imagine a better way to have spent those seven years.  You own my heart, my boy of boys.

Happy Birthday.

6 responses to “Happy Birthday Oscar

  1. Fabulous as always. (sniff).

    I look forward to your birthday posts most of all. If its not too much trouble, could you have three or four more children so these posts are more frequent?

  2. Aww, this is lovely. It makes me wish I was a mama.

    “You are polite and thoughtful (when you want to be)”.. sounds a lot like my little brother. It must be a seven-year-old boy thing 😉

  3. Happy birthday Oscar, I hope it was all you wanted and then a tiny bit more so you could be bursting with all manner of boyish wonders 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Oscar.
    Thankyou Kate for sharing with us.
    You make me laugh and go weepy all at the same time

  5. Charles
    No more children thank you. Every time I get broody, I compare it to the deep satisfaction of a lie in and remember why there will be no more children!

    Thank you ladies. I will pass on all your best birthday wishes. xx

  6. Happy Birthday Oscar! (sorry it’s a bit late) I’ve loved reading everything that Oscar has said and written, but I think that note is my favourite. x

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