It’s Bein’ So Cheerful as Keeps Us Going

It’s not all gloom here at Boo Towers.

Here are things which have lightened the stygian depths to which we have plunged this week.

The teaching assistant in Oscar’s class telling me that while they were discussing The Munich Circus yesterday, Oscar insisted on calling it the Munchkin Circus.

Having a discussion over dinner with my parents one evening this week as to how feasible it would be to fit Narnia into a piece of Ikea furniture, given the lack of stoutness in modern flat pack offerings.  Mr Tumnus would totally break a Malmo chest of drawers trying to enter and exit via even one of the long, bottom drawers.  The wardrobes are a waste of time. They’d just collapse on you, leaving you in a heap of fur coats and splinters.

This led to further discussions of which piece of Ikea furniture we would bastardise to make the White Witch’s sleigh.  General consensus was that everything would be rubbish, but some kind of improbably named kitchen unit plus a Billy Bookcase would be your best bet.

An entire post dinner discussion with my family, based on which facial expressions and bodily gestures go with which fart noises on Tallulah’s fart machine.  This got quite heated.

Matilda’s thoughtful exposition on how it would be entirely feasible to run a kitten orphanage, because she’s got one on Minecraft, and that’s really easy to run, so how hard could it be?

The entire family practising their zombie shuffling techniques. Jason won.

The dentist telling me that there was no point in me going out to pay my bill yet because his system had frozen, so I might as well stay in the surgery a bit longer just to entertain him.

Singing Scooby Snacks by the Fun Lovin’ Criminals with Oscar at full volume on the way home tonight, followed by a rousing rendition of God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols.

It being the weekend.


2 responses to “It’s Bein’ So Cheerful as Keeps Us Going

  1. I had dentistry this week too. As I left with a mouthful of gauze, a fat lip and three stitches nobody seemed able to understand my witty repartee.

    Hope your weekend is full of wondrous joys, good food and sunshine xox

  2. Hope your mouth has recovered. xx

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